Guardians of the Galaxy Pinball Rulesheet (WIP)


Just to be clear a path to a 24x shot would include:

  • The shot you’re hitting be on 2x
  • Into the Groot mouth for 2x and again for 3x (6x)
  • Rampage running for another 2x (12x)
  • Combo the multiplied shot while all this is running for a 24x shot

The highest the total playfiled multiplier could be is 6x?
From Groot 3x and Rampage 2x-


You got it!

Mostly, it’s useful for the one tap Supers - Yaka, Quill, and Sibling. Knowhere will always make lists too because for a multishot mode it’s just TOO BIG to miss out on.


With 0.95, I thought this was no longer a thing (on default settings of max Hadron of 3)?


Good question. Is it limited to one Hadron (3 presses) or 3 Hadrons (9 presses)? Our local GOTG has not updated the code yet.


One Hadron collection = 3 presses (limit).

Have Hadron lit, cash it before collecting a Hadron = 6 presses.

Have Hadron lit, cash it before collecting a Hadron, burn it, mystery a Hadron (need to figure that out on tourney install) = 9 presses.

A pipe dream, I know.


Came upon a software bug last night. Had 2 Balls locked for ORB Multiball, hit the mystery scoop which awarded me the 3rd Orb Lock target hit and lit the ORB Multi ready insert. Hit the ball into the orb lane and was awarded ball lock #1.

Latest code in machine.


New code out


URL for some reason changed for the video since I posted the link, weird. New code broken, bonus carry over? :smiley: On the STERN PINBALL ENTHUSIASTS FB Group.


Hahahaha. Whoops.
But hey, at least it’s so egregious that you can’t miss it initially, unlike some other past carryover between players like Kiss.


We went through almost all of expo2015 not realizing it was doing the same thing on thrones. Granted, there weren’t 2player games until the finals.


Tilting does the reset the bonuses though


cue ethical discussion about tactical tilts again


It seems like v1.01 still has some issues with bonus carrying over between games. Good idea to reboot this game between rounds if you are using it in a tournament.


Yep, some of the bonus still carry’s over if you get an extra ball it seems. Code 1.01 still needs some bonus work.


Wow. No doubt. 10x bonus values for P4 only vs other players for similar ball time.