Guardians of the Galaxy Pinball Rulesheet (WIP)


Just to be clear a path to a 24x shot would include:

  • The shot you’re hitting be on 2x
  • Into the Groot mouth for 2x and again for 3x (6x)
  • Rampage running for another 2x (12x)
  • Combo the multiplied shot while all this is running for a 24x shot

The highest the total playfiled multiplier could be is 6x?
From Groot 3x and Rampage 2x-


You got it!

Mostly, it’s useful for the one tap Supers - Yaka, Quill, and Sibling. Knowhere will always make lists too because for a multishot mode it’s just TOO BIG to miss out on.


With 0.95, I thought this was no longer a thing (on default settings of max Hadron of 3)?


Good question. Is it limited to one Hadron (3 presses) or 3 Hadrons (9 presses)? Our local GOTG has not updated the code yet.


One Hadron collection = 3 presses (limit).

Have Hadron lit, cash it before collecting a Hadron = 6 presses.

Have Hadron lit, cash it before collecting a Hadron, burn it, mystery a Hadron (need to figure that out on tourney install) = 9 presses.

A pipe dream, I know.