For those that listen to music during competition play. What do you listen to?


I totally agree that it’s an awesome album and would work for white noise, BUT I also like to stay mentally positive while I play. Radiohead has a habit of putting me in a dark place


Oh, totally agree, hate radiohead.


The Carpenters. Psychs me up for killer scores every time!


Pantera (Vulgar Display of Power) , Rage Against the Machine.

When i make it onto PAPA TV, you could probably sync my pre game flipper testing to some recognizable speed metal guitar riffs.

Block out distractions is what its all about.


I was actually considering trying Vulgar display, or cowboys. I’ll have to report back on my testing (when I finally get around to it).


For some reason, I almost always listen to the same song. I don’t even really like the song. It’s Monster by Kanye West. I don’t even really like Kanye. Not sure why it seems to help.


Do you guys have parts of songs that function as invincibility fields? I do.


Given this, we might need a new amendment to ifpa rules.


Related note. My sound board went out on my Johnny Mnemonic and I found I played better without sound. I know my strategy and what to shoot for so I don’t need the call outs.

I had been struggling with improving my focus and this seems to be an improvement for me…now to buy noise canceling headphones


I doubt noise cancelling headphones will cut out much noise from the machine itself, probably just ambient noise and background chatter.

Try white/pink noise (not sure which one). I use that when I’m losing focus and it works a charm. Don’t need expensive headphones, either!


I know we talked briefly about this during the Batcave Masters, but just something else that I thought of while reading these posts again.

You mentioned listening to the same thing each time and seeing how this works to keep your mind focused. I have the suspicion that this will work for a time but then taper off, depending on the music you are using. The reason I say that is that any noise, when experienced long enough, starts to fade away and your brain no longer processes it. I don’t know what research has been done in this area (I’m sure there’s a lot), and I don’t know if it will confirm or reject my suspicion, but I know that for myself this is the case.

People like to use the ‘living next to a railway’ example. But my example is with Radiohead. I listened exclusively to Radiohead albums every day in the car for about 4 years. I used to love the band, but now that I’ve heard it so much and for so long, I think my brain has consumed every part of that music and whenever I try and listen to Radiohead I don’t hear anything, I have no emotional response and I don’t even remember listening to it after the fact. It’s literally dead air to me now.

Some music is much more complex than others, and takes longer to fall on deaf ears so to speak. Perhaps the brain enjoys music like a puzzle that falls in the right spots for the particular listener, but once the brain has solved it all it no longer has anything to process. Perhaps. I don’t know really I’m just a dude making stuff up. But it’s my experiences anyway!


Currently, anything by the Strausses.


I’ve been on a Fugazi kick of late during competition


And similarly, I’ve been on a Fugate kick:


This made my morning :slight_smile:


Hell yeah!


I listen to music for 2 reasons

1 - get rid of distractions
2 - get into the zone (quicker/more often)

I listen to different types of music, but my standby is techno/house

I am aware that I am missing audio clues and have tilted(thru) because of it. I still feel that overall I am net positive with the music.


Here is my jam. It’s an hour long and the tempo is spot on. It comes and goes in terms of intensity, but it is always fun to listen to. It’s not really to block out distractions as much as it is a great way to keep me focused and intense while playing a game. Most games give you enough visual clues to keep the player on track and guided into the right spot in gameplay.

I especially make sure to put it on when I’m playing a game with muzic I don’t like. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do when playing pin!


I like using headphones and music to help bridge the potentially long waits between games.

Music with good energy helps me not dwell on the last ball and helps prevent any drop off due to frustration over the wait.

And at times a great song helps pick you up and you start killing in in the game itself :slight_smile: For games you know, typically you can do without the lesser audio cues.


Radioactivity, Marked Men, Beach Slang, Ramones, Mind Spiders, Red Dons, Mean Jeans, Hunx and his Punx, Chantey Hook, La Luz. Anything that pumps me up and puts me in a good mood basically.