Five game "experience" requirement for IFPA rating (split from Fee Effect thread)


So for clarity, if I want to run a “mixed format” finals like @Tobstar79 described with (1) Swiss H2H qualifying over X rounds, (2) H2H semifinals best 2 of 3, and (3) finals of 4 players on 3 games w/ PAPA scoring… TGP = X + 2 + 2 … with only 2 TGP for the 4-player final 4, because the semifinals H2H 2 of 3 established the lowest TGP per round in finals. Is this correct?


No . . . the H2H format doesn’t establish the lowest TGP per round of the entire finals. It establishes the lowest TGP per round of the H2H portion of finals.

TGP would be X + 2.5 + 6.


I actually had not seen before! a little less stupid tonight :slight_smile:


Yeah, thanks for that. :slightly_smiling_face:
Sometimes it is really hard to understand how you can receive the 100%. With our tournaments we found a way to play competitive pinball with a lot of playing time and the way of playing 100%-tournaments. The fact that several locations in Germany and Europe copy those strategies show, that it is simple and efficient.

But (and that is also a fact ;)) it is hard work to organise that, prepare everything and so on. And you need players who understand the system and the intention and help you to finish the tournament as quick as possible. The result is that we have more and more European players entering the TOP25 of the world ranking list, most of them with many results from our location :wink: In December also Danielle will join us; that means, we do anything right :smiley: