Fireball Classic ruling


Not purposely. The only decision I made was to immediately plunge the ball in the shooter lane which in retrospect was a mistake. In the very brief chaotic period that followed before the first ball drained, I was not able to process all of these implications and arrive at such conclusion.


Am I missing sarcasm? I played Fireball at Pinburgh this year…


Ack! You’re right. I forgot it got swapped in after a bunch of games bit the dust. NOT IDEAL.


I think I saw a “1 player games” sign on it when I walked by, which would alleviate some of the issues associated with it, but I didn’t play it so can’t say for sure if that was the case.


Definitely was in one of my banks and we had to play it single player. I like the game enough that I would be sad to see it removed completely from competition.


Want to remove any confusion: I believe this post was originally about Fireball Classic (1985), yet discussion is drifting to the original 1972 game. I haven’t played the '85 model much; do they play exactly the same as far as multiball?


Very similar, yes.

In my limited experience with FB Classic, it seems like the window for the “you locked a ball after you drained out of multiball down to one ball so I’m going to play a fun joke on you and switch to the next player” thing is slightly shorter on the electronic version of the game. Could easily be my imagination, but it would also make sense that the solid state electronics, even very old ones, are able to account for the lock more quickly than their electromechanical counterparts.


The classic still has its share of issues with balls just sitting in those saucers. Logic gets fuzzy when they pop out of the holes. If you knockout one beat you can do is try and trap up and get a td to remove on if the balls and play on in single ball play and then Place ball back in shooter lane after it counts your bonus from draining remaining ball. We had many fun rulings on ours. People knew anything slightly odd happens. Call me over so I can address before it messes up multiple players :smile:


Anyone who can trap up both balls on Fireball should instantly be awarded the win.:smiley:


Fireball Classic…