Doctor Who (Bally, 1992)

Here’s the most important stuff I took away from the video:

  1. The guy did 39 waves. The animation for 39 last wave bonus was the same as the first one. I’m trying to remember where the 3rd one ended to know if there’s a 4th animation in there somewhere or if it’s just a REALLY long time to that final wave bonus.
  2. Apparently the Dr. limit is 42, which is 6 sets of 7. That led to a final dr bonus of 168M.
  3. I’m a little hazy and will have to go back and research, but I believe INSTEAD OF it saying Dr. Spotted, it was giving him the 168M (well 42M * 4) upon every video level completion!!!
  4. There was also another effect I hadn’t seen before, TRANSMAT FULL probably again because of the doctor limit.

I’ll look into this a little more, but that is an eye-opening points potential on video mode later on. Since he didn’t play 42 modes, he obviously got help along the way, possibly davros and some transmats, and some extra balls.

Edit: OK, he actually spots his last doctor on the first video mode shown because he gets the 7 doctor bonus (168M) right after that. Every video after that awards 168M (“Doctor scores”) for consistently 200M-250M+ video modes. Wowza.

I didn’t re-read the rule sheet, ain’t nobody got time for that, but if the ball save is turned off isn’t there is no ball save during MB? One of my friends, who owns a DW, found out about this the hard way. I think most people let balls go during MB start to get a nice constant feed to the right flipper for JP but, he unfortunately did not. DOH moment during pinburgh for him :frowning:

DW at Pinburgh was brutal.