Disabled machine ruling clarification

That’s because they are recommended to not be used or have those features turned off.


I think this is the most important verbiage. In OP’s example, in my reading, no one’s finishing position was determined, only their finish relative to the other completed players, because P4 could surpass all, some, or none of the players. We have no idea what anyone’s finishing position would ultimately have been, so all four players should play off on a new game. However, if P4 was in 3rd place at the time of the catastrophic malfunction, the player who was already locked into last place would not be included on the new game. Am I off base with this interpretation?


Nope. You got it on the button I believe.

That’s the crux of the problem, when some players relative positions have been determined, but not their absolute positions. That’s why the rule is as it is; only players whose absolute positions have been determined avoid the do-over.

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and what about an this scenario.

Player 4 starts last ball in last place and then something brakes while waiting for an tech / td points start going big time in error and by the time some is there they are not in last anymore and other players in the same game are saying that it’s unfairly adding big points with say an stuck ball or some switch issue.

Or some is like I have an place jump in mode points (that get added at end of mode time (even in tilt))

or score jumps up on reboot say game crashed and the score on screen is differnt then the score after reboot.

Can the game be fixed? Does the entire group agree as to the score of player 4 (that they had before the issues occurred) when the TD arrives?

I don’t understand what you’re saying here.

Unless the entire group agrees that the score was something different before reboot, I as a TD am going with what the display says.

Just say the game is showing an score but it’s like it crashed flippers died and ball drained but no end of game just stuck and after reboot say to give an compball it shows the game before scores or it updated to the last score to an higher number.

or say with an power on repair points keep going up as part of the repair / testing.

If the game can’t be repaired, nothing matters as the game is going to be changed. If the game can be repaired and you cannot reliably come to a conclusion on what the players scores are, replay the game.