Deep cuts of semi-useful pinball knowledge


Even with the billion shot, would it work to include BoP if you just say “ your score is x-1B if you happen to get the 1B” shot?


Yeah, even under the best of circumstances, it’s still a lot of “shoot the left ramp”. But there are a couple other options… if jackpot is high, some left lane shots may be a good idea. Shooting the center ramp repeatedly gets you to a state where each center ramp shot is 1M, which can be good money. And bonus can be huge… I’ve had 40M bonus on a ball. Bonus is primarily switch bonus, so if your game has a juiced spinner and pops, shooting the spinner lane starts becoming interesting, especially once your bonus X has been boosted (completing standup targets).

You could certainly make that a local rule if you wanted; of course this should be announced to players before your event starts. If you were to do that, I’d probably say that any billions digit is discarded; it’s possible to get multiple Billion collects. (Although it might be really interesting to do a -1B solution and allow additional billions to stand; that would become a serious “big risk, big reward” solution…)


But… but… What if you get one of the backdoor billions like the 10-way combo?


or getting all 4 Extra Ball lanes lit at the same time?
(Has anyone ever done that?)


i’ve done it on Pinball Arcade app. not in real life.