Deep cuts of semi-useful pinball knowledge


Even with the billion shot, would it work to include BoP if you just say “ your score is x-1B if you happen to get the 1B” shot?


Yeah, even under the best of circumstances, it’s still a lot of “shoot the left ramp”. But there are a couple other options… if jackpot is high, some left lane shots may be a good idea. Shooting the center ramp repeatedly gets you to a state where each center ramp shot is 1M, which can be good money. And bonus can be huge… I’ve had 40M bonus on a ball. Bonus is primarily switch bonus, so if your game has a juiced spinner and pops, shooting the spinner lane starts becoming interesting, especially once your bonus X has been boosted (completing standup targets).

You could certainly make that a local rule if you wanted; of course this should be announced to players before your event starts. If you were to do that, I’d probably say that any billions digit is discarded; it’s possible to get multiple Billion collects. (Although it might be really interesting to do a -1B solution and allow additional billions to stand; that would become a serious “big risk, big reward” solution…)


But… but… What if you get one of the backdoor billions like the 10-way combo?


or getting all 4 Extra Ball lanes lit at the same time?
(Has anyone ever done that?)


i’ve done it on Pinball Arcade app. not in real life.


Perhaps this is old news to a lot of people, but you can press the button under the plunger on World Cup Soccer to relight the jackpot in multiball without hitting the ramps. It only works once though. Thanks to @bkerins and his 8 year old PAPA rule sheet for the tip!


Bit of a thread necro, but I’d be more inclined to treat this a bit like rings in NBA Fastbreak. Find some suitable amount of points and make billions worth that instead.

This assumes that you must use this game in the first place, in which case, I’m sorry.


Super deep cut that nobody should care about: On Indy 500 if you start super jets, it will continue to your next ball. Or at least the display claims it, whether or not the points get awarded is a different question…


hahaha. Yeah, not sure if that’s even “semi”-useful.


Pretty much the case for everything Indy500 :rofl:


Speaking of semi-useful I500 stuff, I’d love to see a list of everything that does and everything that does not get tripled by the 3X Playfield award. Extra credit will be given for providing both a “Shows triple value on the display” and “Actually gives triple value” column. :slight_smile:

The 3X does triple the Super Jets completion award (so, 90 million). Or at least the game says it does. Mode points that are awarded as bonus do not get tripled, I think. Laps do. Passes/positions? No idea.


The multiball jackpots are indeed tripled during 3x Playfield. That’s all you need to know. :slight_smile:


I think Super Jets times 3 is pretty good to keep in your pocket in matchplay, and I think Checkered Flag awards – yes they do get tripled – can potentially be useful during best game qualifying.


Has anyone ever stacked a collect of all checkered flags with 3x playfield? Seems like one of the toughest collects in pinball.


@KCB has an ongoing bounty of $500 to anyone that records a full game of this


I500 needs a competition rom that actually awards the points it shows.


Haven’t been able to do it yet. I’ve picked up the 3x3.

The hardest part imo is avoiding accidental collects. You have to basically start 3x last on modes, then light the raceway checkered flag (as your 4th flag) and collect before time expires.

…Im not sure if you can light more than 4 flags? Or loop around to get one twice? Memory is that you cant.


I’d love Gasoline Alley to award 45 passes. I’d love it even more if it rolled over like an 8-bit integer and suddenly you’re in 235th or something.


Don’t Gasoline Alley passes keep you from getting the position checkered flag award?