Confirming EM scores when rolled


That’s just … what… holy heck.


Jeff Neumann has a way of walking into a tourney and blowing up an EM. I remember at PPE a few years ago he blew up a Klondike. Don’t remember the score, but he more then doubled the current high score. He methodically took the game apart. Never. I repeat, NEVER take Jeff Neumann to an EM if you have game choice.

Besides being an excellent player, he’s a real nice guy. I hear he’s thinking about moving to the Seattle area. Not sure if it’s relatives or just all the tourneys up there tempting him. Maybe a little of both.

If I’m about to roll an EM (at a tourney), I don’t look around for an official. I just start blurting out ‘I’m about to roll this game’. Somebody always notices and confirms. One witness is all you need. Besides, it’s really the only time were it’s perfectly acceptable to let everyone around you know that you’re crushing a game. You’re killing it, let the world know.


Can confirm Jeffrey Neumann is a beast at classics. Hell he crushes moderns too. #longstance


I just yell out to everyone in earshot and behind in line about rolling it as it is about to happen. Usually one person, such as the guy up next in line, is watching and can confirm. Unless it is @Funtorium then you can’t trust that guy to confirm.


He’s also a beast playing one handed! He picked apart the field at Arcade Expo a few weeks back…


Just a note - I think its a nice optiopn for people without a smartphone, or when the wifi/network is bad or for players from out of country.


I liked the system and when I had a moment I didn’t mind putting someone in. Re-queueing someone was super easy especially if it was void and re-queue


I chased Jeff Neumann’s all time high score on Surfer at LCP for nearly a decade - he used to stop by LCP about once a year or so… Kevin has since sold the game, so he will have it forever (211k). The closest I came was in a monthly tournament where I started with a 100k ball 1, but then the newbie player 2 stepped up and pressed the start button to reset the game. Noooooooooo!


Or when SPECIALS!!! are coming through.