Blacklisted Games - please share

I kept Orbitor 1 out of the playoffs in my tournament on Sunday for this very reason. I just didn’t wanna hear it, even though I think it’s a perfectly valid game, as long as you set minimum game time to 90 seconds.


Had to play it in pinburgh… and still complained. As much as people nuance about tiny advantages… and then a mystery double scoring award is right there… It needs to GO IMO. seems to be down, so I’ll ask here: what’s the deal with Firepower, lit spinner all day?

Sort of.

Unless it’s definitely going to kill you, you probably want to light the spinner first or soon-ish.

How is this any different from the plethora of classic games where the general scoring strategy is: light spinner and then rip the lit spinner all day?

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It’s not.

I’m just saying that on a FP with a super tight-tilt or other adjustments that make lighting the spinner unlikley, shooting the unlit spinner as much as possible is the way to go. As a follow-up, I’d still probably aim for the last standup target if I flailed into the others using this approach.

EDIT: Did @yancy edit his post and add “lit”? Because that’s the source of the slight confusion. Or at least I didn’t see that word when I read it initially.

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Nope, it was there the whole time. Small word, easy to miss. :nerd_face:

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I’m almost to the point of not allowing any pre-1.0 coded games. I know many, many games have bugs, but I get too many complaints about early release games “screwing them over.”

Guardians of the Galaxy was a source of frustration at the SCS tournament. From dodgy ball savers (don’t ever trust a ball saver, by the way), to Groot’s mouth getting confused, to mode timers counting down on the next player while they let the tilt bob settle from the previous player’s tilt, it just wasn’t holding up well under very serious play.

I get that bugs exist in post-1.0 code on many games, but at least I won’t get yelled at for allowing pre-1.0 coded games into the mix.


I agree completely, and don’t understand the rush to include brand new games in competition, especially in this era of unpaid customer beta testing.


I agree completely, as both a TD and player. I’m ok with using them for leagues, local one-afternoon tourneys, etc. But pre-1.0 game (or any early code game with known glaring issues) should be avoided for more significant competitions.


Batman 66 not OK?

But… how many significant competitions have been influenced by things like the longstanding MET combo score sharing? That one was in the wild for over four years, yeah?

I wouldn’t recommend it – but pins coded by Lyman typically don’t have glaring unfair competitive play bugs/issues in pre-1.0 games. TWD wasn’t a whole lot of fun in its early code, but it was still solid in terms of how those then-shallow rules were applied to gameplay.

I can’t say the same of all pre-1.0 games, so I think a general statement of “Avoid pre-1.0 games for significant competitions” still has merit. There are always exceptions to everything.

Thanks. I have very little experience with BM66. I do have a general impression that it’s OK for semi-serious competition, and a possibility that I might be getting one to use at some point in the near future. Maybe it’ll be >1.0 by then anyhow.

Me, too. @sk8ball apparently does not :wink:

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As mentioned already, Data East Simpsons for the “catch-up” feature which literally catches your score up to another player.

Lord of the Rings is blacklisted because it plays for too long.

Start Multiball, drain to 2 balls, lock a ball, ball is plunged into shooter lane. Could lead to situations where players can easily get away with ball in shooter lane violations, hence why I question it’s use in low-observation formats.

I’ve seen (redacted) pull ball in shooter lane crap off on another game and win a tournament of note, so anything that makes that situation go away is appreciated.


I used to have a Firepower and I never saw this behavior. Is it consistent or random?

Consistent - game will always feed an available ball after lock. I have one and tried it with glass on and off.

Lots and lots and lots of folks hate DE Simpsons, and while I’ve only played it at shows, I need to know why. Tell me why? I’ve really enjoyed it when I’ve played it, especially when I compare it to SPP, which makes me want to set things on fire.