Big Game tournament setup?


One man’s despair is another man’s 500 points.


For those of you surprised by this: see Exhibit B of the Skateball right inlane. Same issue. Same fix.


I’m ashamed to say I used the backhand strategy in a tournament several years ago. Not my finest moment, but I survived the round!

That said, test your particular big game to see if this strat is possible before clipping the switch. As @Snailman mentioned, it depends on how the flippers are adjusted.


Skateballs inlane advances bonus too. Doesnt it?

Edit: since that seems to be the case I don’t think clipping switches for big game is needed at all. No bonus advance abuse possible.


I know I tend to be a lot more grindy than most players in town but even I wouldn’t go this route.


I concur. If someone wants to sit there all day grinding out 500 pts I’d say the poison is in the pain of doing so. I personally have no patience for those types of strategies, I’d rather win playing the game than massively exploiting some lame loophole.

…which might be why I so rarely win I guess! :grin:


Even worse it the poison/pain of watching your opponent do so. I have even less patience for this than actively playing and taking advantage of what options the pin provides. The recommended fix still stands.

And for reference, I recall each inlane being much more valuable than 500 on Big Game.


Somewhere Cayle is salivating at the opportunity to break someone’s soul in exactly this fashion :slight_smile:


Looks like it’s 500 up and 500 down, plus the letters. Not much but adds up when you do it for ten minutes straight.


Guess I’ll have to see if this is possible on my Big Game then :smile:


How about waiting until someone starts hammering on inlane switch 50 times in a row, and then, as TD, instruct them to trap up so you can slide the glass off and snip the wire in front of them?

…probably not exactly “fair”, but would certainly be satisfying! :grinning:


As a TD that doesn’t sit right with me at all. Ahead of time sure, but I’m not going to stop a player and punish them mid game for something I had the opportunity to take care of ahead of time. I’m sure this was at least in part a joke, but I gotta just say that’s bad behavior if ever enacted.


It becomes 5000 after you light the letter. So 10k a flip (5k up, 5k down). Ten flips up the inlane becomes the equivalent of a spinner rip with a loaded saucer.


Ah now this strategy is making a lot more sense.


Wow. Well then, rather than clipping the wires maybe I’ll leverage this exploit myself. :wink:

…not really. I’ll clip the wires if this readily done on my game.


I checked the pf angle and it was 7.3 degrees. Bumped up when I was levelling the game I guess. Lowered it to 6.75.

I clipped the inlane wires to stop the ball from backing over the switches but immediately felt regret. I’ll replace those wires when the game comes back into my collection.

I noticed that most of the glass hits are from the ball launching off the right side flippers. I have PerfectPlay rubbers on and wonder if that’s a factor. With the glass off they can sometimes launch the ball 2/3 the way up the pf before it lands. Thoughts?


I use silicone on my flippers (Titan not perfect play) and rarely if ever get airballs. Maybe mess with the positioning of the ring? Move it up or down slightly on the flipper bat.


Sorry chiming in late. Big Game is really a three ball game, no one is going to want to progress in the game, is it spinner all day long. No issue on clipping the inlane thou most in your league won’t know or know to think to try this. I normally do legs all the way up on back and to the ground on front on all games unless for some reason you need it shollower to make all the shots. This should not be an issue on Big Game, I agree I would check rubber for alignment and maybe switch it out if you are having air balls I wouldn’t think the pitch wouldn’t be causing this as it isn’t abnormally steep. There are some games where it is beneficial to remove guide lanes like Alien Poker not so sure on Big Game, thou it will make it much more difficult, I personally would rather increase sling sensitivity as the fun part of that game is dialing in the spinner and whacking it.


While playing my big game in league yesterday I actively tried to abuse the backhand to the inlane switch. Although you could do it from the right upper flipper, it was impossible to get the ball back onto a trap afterwards.

It wasn’t possible to do on the left.

So maybe you can adjust your flippers or sling rubbers to get the same results instead of clipping switches.


Yeah, the local one here is set up such that it’s nearly impossible to do - you really have to give the game some force to get the extra distance you require.

First check the current state, then try to fix it by slight adjustments, then go for the clip.