Best Use of Pinburgh Practice Time?

8AM - 9AM on Thursday.

Down to 26 on the waitlist (fingers crossed) and will be there regardless. Was wondering though as this is my first Pinburgh, are there still pins to play for those not in the tournament as I’d still like to play for fun and not just spend the entire time watching?


Aside from testing tilts which is always a good idea, I like to test skill shots on games where this is vitally important: things like “center rollover lights spinner” or (previously) skill shot on RBION. Also look for moderns with no ball saver, in case you draw one of them and have to go first.

If you are traveling with a group, fan out and take notes, then reconvene after practice time and share.

But, realize you’re not going to even come close to getting all the information you want. Hopefully something you learned in practice will end up being worth a win or two, but with margins being as small as they are, that might make the difference.


target pool with lightning flippers? hmm


On a semi-related note, is there anything you guys do to prepare before Pinburgh?

I think that depends on why you are at Pinburgh.

If you are serious about the tournament, get rest and stay off your feet. The concrete floors are brutal.

If you are just there to party… then find a party and go nuts.

You know, I’m watching Christopher Lee movies from four different eras, mashing elevator buttons with gusto, and I look in the mirror every morning and say “Wins. Not points.”


This will be my first time competing in Pinburgh, but before tournaments I like to watch @bkerins tutorials and archived streams of recent tournaments for games that I am unfamiliar with or need a refresher on game rules/strategy. There is a great thread on practice in the Tiltforums archives too: Let’s Talk Practice

I just bought an Iron Maiden, so my pre-Pinburgh strategy is to play a ton of Iron Maiden. There’s probably other things I could or should do, but that’s what I’m actually going to do. So far I’m really putting in the hours on the practice field.


I am trying to get work and home commitments into a state were I can ignore both of them for the week and focus entirely on pinburgh.


I review the results from the 32 previous times I failed to win a Major . . . really gets me in the mood . . .

IFPA World Pinball Championship 6/3/2018 20th
Pinburgh Match-Play Championship 7/29/2017 2nd
IFPA World Pinball Championship 6/3/2017 38th
PAPA World Pinball Championships 4/9/2017 5th
Pinburgh Match-Play Championship 7/30/2016 6th
IFPA World Pinball Championship 4/14/2016 2nd
PAPA World Pinball Championships 4/10/2016 13th
Pinburgh Match-Play Championship 8/2/2015 17th
IFPA World Pinball Championship 5/24/2015 12th
PAPA World Pinball Championships 3/15/2015 13th
PAPA World Pinball Championships 8/17/2014 2nd
IFPA World Pinball Championship 5/25/2014 12th
PAPA World Pinball Championships 8/11/2013 34th
IFPA World Pinball Championship 6/2/2013 42nd
Pinburgh Match-Play Championship 4/14/2013 31st
PAPA World Pinball Championships 8/12/2012 6th
IFPA World Pinball Championship 6/10/2012 20th
Pinburgh Match-Play Championship 4/1/2012 7th
PAPA World Pinball Championships 8/14/2011 2nd
IFPA World Pinball Championship 5/29/2011 12th
Pinburgh Match-Play Championship 3/20/2011 7th
PAPA World Pinball Championships 8/15/2010 10th
IFPA World Pinball Championship 5/23/2010 12th
PAPA World Pinball Championships 8/16/2009 14th
IFPA World Pinball Championship 7/31/2009 4th
European Pinball Championship 2009 7/24/2009 11th
PAPA World Pinball Championships 8/14/2008 4th
IFPA World Pinball Championship 3/28/2008 12th
PAPA World Pinball Championships 10/11/2007 6th
PAPA World Pinball Championships 8/17/2006 9th
PAPA World Pinball Championships 8/11/2005 31st
PAPA World Pinball Championships 9/9/2004 14th

The Triple Frown! :frowning_face::frowning_face::frowning_face:


RIP King’s Family Restaurant.


A good point to make. I would even go further and say if you think it might be impactful at all, even if the likely result is “no ruling, play on,” then consider calling a TD anyway. You might get lucky and get compensation, and reporting the issue is still accomplished. You get nothing if you don’t speak up.

Lightning flippers on Guardians

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Disable drop target :joy:

That’s the one I was thinking of when I posted above, but the person who guessed Hercules had me laughing out loud.

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I always play the weird rare games I never see in person and just play for fun. Get in a good vibe before the tournament starts :blush:

I second this position statement.