Bad Hygiene: How to approach

Eyes did miss it. Thank you :slight_smile:

How does this look as a rule fragment addressing this matter? (It’s right after the first paragraph which addresses dress code if that matters.)

Players are also responsible for maintaining adequate personal hygiene. If bodily odors from a given player are sufficient to warrant complaints by other players and/or non-tournament customers, personal hygiene of that player is assumed to be inadequate.

Looks fine to me.

Could be a lot better imo. I think adequate/inadequate might present as personal judgement (what if i stepped in dog shit on the way in and didn’t notice, how is that “inadequate personal hygiene”), and this clause has no mention of penalty for infraction or what enforcement looks like.

This also does not mention TD discretion, it just says “if someone says you smell, your hygiene will be assumed to be inadequate.” (What if it’s a leaking sewer pipe in the wall behind me, but I just happen to be standing there?) This could create a perception of bullying or even an avenue to bullying, if players don’t like someone.

Fitting it into the code of conduct makes sense. Something like "To create a respectful environment where everyone can have fun and feel welcomed, all participants are expected to:

  • respect others: all participants are expected to treat others with respect and dignity. This includes refraining from any behavior that could be considered harassment, discrimination, threatening or bullying. We do not tolerate any form of discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, or any other characteristic.

  • respect the space: do not intentionally cause damage to the host space, do not engage in excessive physical force with the pinball machines, this includes aggressive physicality outside of the bounds of the game, such as kicking and rage tilting.

  • maintain personal hygiene: if a participant’s appearance or odor causes a hygienic disturbance, whether from excessive odor, soiled clothing or unwashed hands, they may be asked to leave and not return until the issue is remediated. Please consider showering on the day of events and wearing clean clothes. We are all placing our hands on the pinball buttons and cabinets, so please wash your hands before the event, after using the restroom and anytime they may have become soiled, such as after eating.