Awesome Pinbugh Stories


I had a couple awesome moments that spring to mind from last weekend.

On Junkyard, I made a shot, bricked and drained. Ball save on many machines are off, and after having watched other players do the same thing as me I was expecting the bonus count. As I turn around to walk away I see the “he’s got a ball save but I shouldn’t say anything” look, turned around just in time to flip it and start crane hurry-up multiball. That hurry up multiball really saved me, too. Everyone was having lots of trouble starting the regular one.

On Hurricane, ball 3, player 4 I had to overcome 12 or so million points for first. I start multiball, and try to get the balls under control. I trap one on each flipper, and the third ball finds itself at rest on the inlane/outlane post on the left side. I thought that was hilarious and ask someone to take a picture since my hands were full. I forgot to ask them to send that to me, doh! After that I nudge the ball into the inlane and start crushing the Hurricane ramp until I won.


My personal highlight was finally getting to play TSPP in a Pinburgh bank; we don’t really have any on location around here so I rarely get to play it competitively. Managed to successfully complete Alien Invasion which felt awesome to do on a PAPA machine :slight_smile:

Runner up moment was playing Batman (Dark Knight) as my final game on Friday night and blowing it up. Felt like a good omen since I put up a total turd on that game in A finals 2 years ago but alas my finals performance was just about as bad this time around :stuck_out_tongue:


I mean this in the nicest way possible, but it always boggles me: WHO ARE YOU PEOPLE WHO LIKE AND/OR CAN PLAY TSPP??? I am hard pressed to think of another game I want to like and actually just completely despise. If you were to add the ball times of every game of TSPP I’ve ever played together, it would not break 10 minutes.


I kinda feel the same way. I like it, in that I like the Simpsons and think it’s pretty fun, but I am consistently horrendous on it in competition nad never seem to improve significantly.


Heh, well I highly recommend @bkerins comprehensive 24 page Rulesheet/Strategy Guide: (this is how I learned the bulk of what I know about the game)

It’s a game with a lot of subtleties that require situational decision making so being familiar with all the rules makes a huge difference IMO. My basic advice is to always shoot for the lowest hanging fruit (ie, don’t go out of your way to grind out a specific feature/MB when there’s another one only 2 shots away) and to always re-light mystery when you’re on the upper playfield~


Now that there’s been one on location near me in excellent condition, I’ve started to really enjoy it. For the longest time, it seems like every TSPP I had played on location was cursed with some major problem in one way or another (usually a useless upper right flipper).

And it certainly helps that I love the theme. :slight_smile:


I would change your quote just a little …

“It’s a game of Couch Multiball all day” :slight_smile:


After doing horrible on Day 2 and finding out I wasn’t going to qualify- I felt a huge weight off my shoulders in round 10.

I woke up Saturday feeling pretty good. I didn’t feel stressed out about Intergalactic because I knew how hard it would be to qualify. Last year I qualified and finished 20th. This year I was the 6th highest qualifier and finished 11th. I managed to flip the switch from day 2 to day 3 and played really well. Playing on the stage with other great players on Sunday was so much fun.


I like TSPP - for me, the depth of rules gives it a unique feel over a long game, and I love the stacking ability. In the beginning you’re working to stack as many modes as you can with the couple multiballs, but as the game progresses you gain the ability to stack some of the wizard modes together with the regular features or even with other wizard modes. Getting SMS and Scratchy’s Revenge can be incredibly lucrative, but also very hard to set up. So many ways to score once you get past the beginning. Set EB to points and stack Crazy EB with a multiball, etc. Crazy EB, SMS, Alien Invasion are all very unique and fun modes to play. Great use of Simpsons quotes throughout as well.


Loosen, rotate the UR flipper on the UPF about 5 degrees clockwise and re-clamp, will make that couch shot much harder and nerf this strategy. Conversely, if no one is making the lock on your home or location game, rotating that flipper a little counterclockwise puts the sweet spot close to the couch ramp entrance.

Set the garage door to ex hard as well to discourage trips to the UPF.


I mean honestly, the couch is make-able or its not. if it is, Couch all day. :slight_smile:


I love TSPP. The One Timer To Rule Them All is brilliant, and you’re pretty much always within two shots of restarting that timer. Victory Laps rule is great. The playfield layout is very unique. Great theming/callouts if you like The Simpsons (and who doesn’t?). One of the more played games in my collection.


I’ve never played a TSPP that worked well, so I feel like I’ve never played it at all. I will say that it’s a game that is terrible when it’s in disrepair. If the flippers can’t reliably make the garage on a backhand, the game is just a bummer.

It’s a shame I didn’t make time to play one at Pinburgh/Replay! Next year!