Awesome Pinbugh Stories


First game in finals… I have the ball of my life on Medival Madness. Literally I completed EVERYTHING in the game except destroy the final castle on my first ball. A place I’ve never been before… but alas I did not get a chance to finish the game because I was player 4 and didn’t play ball 3.

Of course I foresaw my own destiny… telling another player ‘well that was probably my whole match right there’ :slight_smile: And of course I went on to 0 out on the final game and not advance. But I still have that ball!


i don’t even mind that i bombed out in round two of the finals for B … i started out seeded like 620th, so i accomplished my goals and then some.


Globetrotters in group including @FunWithBonus and Stepp.

Ball 1: Scissor myself with first flip :expressionless:
Ball 2: 500k+, didn’t need to play ball 3


My most memorable moment. Hitting a 10 point switch followed by a fumbled ball for 5000 bonus. Took a picture since I figured this might be the worst 1 ball score in history of Riverboat Gambler.

Then the second and third ball happened. Greatest comeback ever? Certainly was mine.


Yes, yes it did.


Mine was a small simple one where in our B-FInals at the beginning Brett was telling us the rules etc and introduced Nic (TECH) and he got more applause than Brett did. Not that Brett didn’t also deserve kudos but I liked how us players really do appreciate the hard work the TECH team does. Those shirts that say TECH on back are well respected and I try to show my appreciation to everyone who’s helping keep things running smooth, especially the badass TECH crew. :raised_hands:t3:


Yep, that was one of the more enjoyable rounds for sure… Funny how the SD just quit on you in the middle of bonus count… “Screw you guys, I’m going home.” Bummer it didn’t happen a ball earlier so I could have a 2nd chance. Wish I would have played the LAST ball well instead of the 2nd one! And then stuck ball on Space Mission… always a good time when the EM match takes 20 minutes to resolve :slight_smile:

I hope they keep the 1812 turned up… it’s definitely the best Gottleib soundtrack, even better than TX sector. And props for the MM comeback, that was sharp play on a mean playing machine.

  • Making it not just into A, but the A playoffs. Even if it was just for one round.
  • 17M on 1812 ball 2 after a crappy 250k ball 1, and someone else’s 12M ball 1. Enough to secure the 3.
  • Putting “WHERES KME” after KME’s game in Round 8 on DI.
  • Andromeda. Just… Andromeda. Me likey.
  • Having this happen on Cosmos:

Not so awesome: Having Black Belt refuse to start on round 6, and Demo Man eventually just needed a tech by us at all times to remove the glass and set the ball properly in the shooter lane. Most painful 3 (for the game, not the round) I ever had.


Hey I remember that! Still hate cosmos though :frowning:

EDIT: I was very happy about them replacing blackbelt with WCS


I couldn’t be there in person, so I had to make do with watching the live stream. (Hopefully, I’ll make it next year.)

The stand-out highlight for me was the production quality of the stream. This year, the production and commentary crew set a new standard for professional streaming. The replay feature is really awesome! Jeff’s interviews in between rounds were great: interesting, snappy, short and to the point, and a perfect way to bridge the gap in between rounds. And I was super-impressed with the commentary by Theresa, Steve, and Bowen. That was a wonderful mix of presenting information, educating the less-expert viewer, keeping people up to date with current happenings and their implications, and all of that without losing the excitement of the competition and the near super-human feats of the players.

Thanks guys for keeping us dialled in, even though we live upside-down here in Down Under!


Congrats. And also Is it not 13 million Super Skill Shot?


My one highlight of Pinburgh was winning the round and final game on HRC against Lyman LFS. I thought for sure he was gonna finish me on the ball 3 comeback.


For me: After a lackluster Thursday (including scoring just one point for an entire round), I got my head in the game on Friday and finally pulled off a perfect 12 round. Motordome Level III for the win (thanks @stevevt)

Then in the last round on Friday, I ALMOST did it again, but came just short with an 11. Stupid Future Spa!


I also had a 11 in the final round - lost in the final game on Elvira and the Party Monsters.

Had a 3.5M lead on the final ball and the next player scored a 4M jackpot to beat me. My fault though for locking a ball for her :worried:


Two memorable gameplay moments…

My Ball 1 Doc Ock MB had just ended and during the grace period, the ball bounced off the top of the right slingshot and up the bottom of the lit Spidey Sense lane…restarting the multiball. I immediately qualified lock 3 for Black Suit and started it, tripling my score from where it stood after Doc Ock “ended”.

I had my highest ever SJPs in competition on ACDC…it quadrupled my score. Even though it was ball 2, I had a moment to cradle the ball, yelp aloud, and go forward knowing I had the game won.


Pics or it didn’t happen :scream_cat:


hustling to the beer tent after round 10 game 2, but getting out-hustled by LFS


I got a new IFPA avatar.


jealous! someday!

i was close. i had a 3-3-3-0 round. choke o rama, haha.

on that last game … i had the side ramp on whirlwind lit for millions, which would have been enough to go from last to first. i shot it into the spot under the ramp THREE TIMES and choked on the upper flipper shot all three times, and finally drained in shame.


Resurrecting the awesome stories thread.

Round 6 I had an awesome fun group. We were chatting between balls, telling jokes. At one point on rollergames, Jay cradles up, turns to the group and says: I just thought of one. “Lock me Amadeus”

Day 2 was great for me in general. I spent the day cheering on my opponents, high fiving, and having a good time. I should have done that day one.