Awesome Pinbugh Stories


RRRRRRarrrrghh!!! A nice comeback for sure!

Hmm…awesome moments…I think escaping a group with Andrei and Zach in it with a 10 was probably my finest moment of the tourney. I performed way better during qualifying this year than I ever have before, which I really attribute to forcing myself to rest up every night and sit down as much as possible.


I had a near perfect sequence of shots on Funhouse that helped secure a win and felt great at the time. Shot to mirror to open crazy steps. Shot to ramp (and crazy steps). Second attempt at plunge scored ‘light frenzy’, which was immediately collected. Then orbit shot to pops to rack up around 2M in bonus

That was late on day 2 and the only decent game in a bank I got completely schooled at. My main highlight though was making A division. A complete surprise and way above my normal level of competition, but something I can look back on and feel proud of.


All this doodle bug talk is making me sad I sold my dipsy doodle. :expressionless:

  1. 35 mil on Scared Stiff… from a single coffin MB! Something about how the lightning flippers setup for the two ramp shots in my brain - I just couldn’t miss. At one point, I crisscrossed consecutive JPs 10+ times in a row and at another point, I had a ball cradled on the left and I had the other two going on the Boney Beast for another 10 - 15 consecutive shots (which becomes more valuable than the JP, of course). Just crazy.

  2. While playing Gameshow by hitting the center shot over and over and over, the new Blink-182 song, “Bored to Death” came on the IHeartRadio station I was listening to on my headset. The timing of that song was Priceless.

  3. I was able to capture a legit #PinburghADivisionBookends selfie with Mr. Elwin when he was in 1st place and I was in last place. w00t!


hilarious! :smiley:


Getting High Hand in Session 3, and after taking last place by some enormous amount, thinking to myself . . . at least I won’t have to play that thing again :slight_smile:


Two moments stick out for me:

  1. Session 6 on Flash Gordon Ball 1; 77k. Ball 2 1.7M

  2. Session 10, need a 3 to qualify for A tie breaker. Need 10M on ball 3. Qualify a shooting star at the exact moment I left outlane. No animation, no call out, still 10k pardons. Make a wish for 3x lightning, rip for 7m, rip for 6M, rip 5M, rip 3M, outlane. Walk off trying not to have a heart attack from the adrenaline.


Didn’t you end up getting 2 extra balls in that game? :sweat:


My highlight was Session 4 on the Simpsons Pinball Party. On ball 1, I start a bunch of modes and lock 2 balls before draining. On ball 2, I try to short plunge to the flippers, but fail miserably and drain right away. On ball 3, I’m struggling to hit the lock shot on the upper playfield, but start a few more modes. Eventually, I hit the lock shot and play a pretty good multiball. When I come out of multiball, all the modes have been started and not much time remains on the timer. I let the timer expire and manage to start Alien Invasion, which I played pretty well. It turned out that my ball 1 score would have won the game, but it felt good to play well on a difficult TSPP.


That’s because you’re doing it all wrong! I obviously need to make a diagram.


Just one


That was a great game. Definitely one of my most told stories of the weekend. The time my opponent made it to Alien Invasion and I hit one Otto shot :).


Your ball stuck on the center post on Count-Down was also pretty memorable from that session.


I would love to see a diagram, or just an annotated photo :slight_smile:


Happened to me a second time at pinburgh on Buck Rogers :slight_smile:


Regardless, it was an insane game :slight_smile:


That is one bloddy hard ball to knock back into play :grimacing:


Had to be my 1.5 billion grand champ score on Congo. Went in to ball 3 in last place with ~200 million, came out with a win.


That’s three tournaments in the last 12 months where there’s been a stuck ball on the center post on Countdown. Too much insert sinkage over the years.


That use to be my Countdown and it’s the reason why I sold it. I even removed the post, added a power ball and the dam thing would still get stuck once out of 25 games or so.