About the Powerball

Hae, someone, eh. A hard adjustment to score like what you suggest is a 15 minutes efford. Litterally.

But, be aware, what looks to be the trick to balance a game on paper often proves to just tip the bucket to a different “problem”.

Another solution could be to introduce a pity powerball mania. If you get the powerball from the trough, the mode is not worth as much.

The super clean, but also very tourney-dull, solution is to make virtual locks and cycle the ball between players to position the powerball, where it was left off.

BTW, I am super curious how the game would act having 6 powerballs installed. Now that is a looney side tournament for you.

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I bought a TNA that came with four powerballs. Should I do five balls (all powerballs), or six balls (one steel and five powerballs)? Ask and ye shall receive.

TNA? This is getting more and more weird.

How about, one steel ball and invert the output on the two powerball sense boards. So the steel ball becomes the powerball.


The seller thought TNA was too slow and needed to be speeded up? :open_mouth:


The game may just flag the switch as broken after an few games.

Make PB Mania value depend on number of gumballs the player loaded?