A podcast you might have missed (Zoë Vrabel, Jack Danger, Bowen Kerins)


Flipperspiel deserves kudos - great spot and Adam really takes care of his machines. Every time I am in Vegas, I try and host a tournament there and people seem to really appreciate his spot - thanks for the shoutout (gotta go listen now :slight_smile:


Of course ya’ll are aware, that Nascar over here is an uofficial Formula 1 themed game named and skinned Grand Prix.


Trent’s got one set up in his barn. Shoot the garridge!


Oh general point of information - if you go to Flipperspiel there is a fee to drop in or you can buy an ongoing membership if you go to Vegas a lot. All the details are on their website here. :slight_smile:


Thanks for posting that, Gene!!




In this error laden episode, we discuss:

Winning a Harlem Globetrotters, More baby crap…, GOT LE, Bowen’s Patreon, TwtitchCon, The Moonwalking Dead, NWPAS, Pinball Browser, and cool Pinball apps!

Tools to buy: Guide for owning your first machine. What tools should I be buying?

NWPAS MAP: http://nwpas.wapinball.net/pics/mainvisual.jpg


'Bout time!:watch:


Oy, this is definitely the exact thing we were hoping to hear to motivate us to continue to make more of this free thing with our time.


Here’s the Brian Schmidt seminar where Bowen was talking about:

Super interesting stuff. Brian talks about his carreer as a music composer for pinball. They had to came up with all these creative tricks because there was very little memory for speech and music recording.

Worth the watch!

This said, Brian created some of the best pre-dcs tunes for Williams pinball: Banzai Run, Swords of Fury, BK2000 (together with Dan Forden)


Your podcast is one I look forward to the very most and you three are great. Err, I mean, yeah wtf guys, pick up the pace!


Don’t forget the music for Crue Ball!

From the sounds (ugh, pun) of it he had a big hand in developing the sound hardware (and boot sound) on the OG Xbox. Wrote a great article on BK2K and sound integration into pinball machines, too. Hope we see something on par with BK2K again, but I doubt we ever will.


Bowen, Zoë, Jack, get on that skype and make it happen!

Chop chop!


You joined Tilt Forums just to type this? :stuck_out_tongue:


Ah… geeze… well… uh

I’ll be going now.


I would suggest trying Hangouts instead of Skype (we switched and it turned out to be more stable), but I think the Skype issues were funny, so ignore that I said anything.


Sheesh, finally.
Episode 7 has arrived!


After a small break, we’re back at it discussing:

Who want’s to be a millionaire
Dead Flip Meetup
Chris Granner (cgmusic.net)
Hot Girls in Pinball
Various rulings during Pinburgh play
Boing Boing Article about Women in Pinball (http://boingboing.net/2015/08/03/pinball.html)
Jack says “Boys” a lot for some reason. :stuck_out_tongue:


F yeah! Thanks guys.

Edit: and thanks Jack for answering in this episode the burning question I was gonna ask you in your stream about your ‘torrid’ run to the A Div finals. “Did you or did you not play sober?”


I need more Tilt Thru in my life :heart:


Tell Jack to stop havin’ babies and we’d be back on track :wink:

In all seriousness we’ve been trying to put something on the calendar and actually record our next episode, so hopefully your wish will soon be granted.


Aww. When I saw this thread bumped to the top, I thought there was a new one :frowning: