2017 European Pinball Championships


My experience (from not advancing due to one stupid win short) was that round robin works great, much more preferable to best game. I love matchplay. But on first playoff round, only top 2 advancing… pretty brutal.

I think my main issue was with the classics, more specific: 3 balls only. Yeah im not that skilled yada yada and i know for example dpm have 3 balls clasics, but still think it adds to the random element. 4 attempts does not make out for house balls. Anyway, had a great time in borås, have to practice more, crawling back to norway =)


I disagree that the problem was the number of scorekeepers. It was a contributing factor, but during the h2h phase of the tournaments, it was definitely cumbersome to have to scan each player’s qr code + the pin’s code up to 5 times for each code. I’m just saying that especially for match play, there are better solutions available already.