You Make the Call - TD rulings

Champion Pub-
P3, ball one. Launched, ball locks for unknown reason without player interaction. Launches new ball, same thing. Launches next new ball, it launches normally and player traps up to obtain a ruling.

What is your ruling and why?


Game hardware fault.

On the 3rd ball did they pick door prize as the skill?

Thank you for your input Joe. I don’t understand how this answers the question. Could you elaborate?

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I’m fairly certain on CP you can lock the first two balls off the “skill shot”

So could be he just happened to be falling on that award as the launch pick

So working as designed, play on.

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From my experience with Champion Pub, play on. I do not think those two locks are a Significant Advantage, Locks for your first multiball are lit at start of game, so it’s two right orbits otherwise. IMO, it’s basically the physical nature of pinball… CP will lock any balls that fall into the physical lock mech while lock is lit, whether it’s a strange airball or an odd left orbit that somehow trickles over there.


The player successfully landed on million, was awarded a lock, re selected million then was awarded another lock. Not sure if this changes anything, but i can say for certain they did not just happen to land on it.

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Moral of story. Don’t play CP at Pinballz. Never works correctly and never has :frowning:

I’d say, minor beneficial malfunction. It sounds like the post that stops the ball from a right orbit shot was stuck up and stopping the ball.

If losing your multiball due to a malfunction isn’t means for a comp ball or the game being removed seems like getting a multiball due to fault wouldn’t be anything other than play on. But, I don’t, and probably never will, understand why we rule on games the way we do in the first place.


But it does not compensate on launch for balls that fall in there when they should not or when they don’t hit loop switches the right way.

Play it for fun all you want, but don’t use it in competitive play. Papa game notes has two lists of reasons why you shouldn’t use it, but here’s the important part:

Both of these issues means Champion Pub is a poor choice for competition.

Doesn’t help answer the question asked, but hopefully will discourage people from using it in the future. Fun game, but not suitable for competitive play.

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