If you hate people that yell after a bad drain during a pivotal moment in a tourney, then you hate me! I have a scream that would put Sean Grant to shame. I don’t do it often, but when I do most everybody stops and looks around. No cursing, just one loud scream. If I was ever to get DQ’d for that(or even a yellow card for that matter), that;s a tourney I would never go back to for sure.


Yes, I would never attend a tourney with a bunch of ticky-tack behavior rules. Abusive to games and furniture? Yellow card. Abusive to other people or constant f-bombs? Yellow card. Kicking your own jacket or throwing down your own hat or yelling in frustration is part of ANY competitive “sport”. If you are gonna kick people for that then you gotta kick people for screams of joy or celebratory backflips.


What was that league event that was on Twitch a couple of years ago where people were encouraged to yell, blow horns and generally be as irritating as possible while others were playing? It was at the PAPA facility.

When I first tuned in, I thought the facility got taken over by drunks who started broadcasting. Then after I watched for a while, I figured out what the deal was. If yellow cards would’ve been given out that night, TD would’ve needed a truckload. Red cards too.

A link to a video of that would be awesome. Acting up not only legal, but encouraged. Imagine that.


I’ll keep my celebratory flips to the frontal variety. :wink:

Agree with the Elwin though. Having excitement and passion (positive and frustration) help to create a good energy. As long as you’re not being offensive or abusive, it’s all in good fun.

I’ll likely to yell out if I see Avatar in a bank. Keeps me from falling asleep.


Wasn’t that the event where all the leagues from around the country compete against each other? Not sure though. That looked like fun.


FSPA vs PPL League Challenge


That’s it. Thanks. Doesn’t seem as drunk and rowdy now but the horn blower was definitely deserving of a yellow card. I assume this was discussed beforehand? Curious just how it was spelled out.


Cool next time I see you at a tournament I’m gonna chuck a fish sandwich at you!


Wouldn’t be the first time!


My ruling would be “I shouldn’t have been put in charge of making rulings at the finals of the world championship”.

First of all, to me it looks a lot like Bowen biffed a swift kick to his own jacket and caught the chair as well on accident. Chair fell over, Bowen put it all back. Nothing had a trajectory or got hit so hard that it came apart and had to be reassembled (#thekick), or actually just broke (#thepunch). I don’t think it’s that hard to discern the difference in intention in these situations, and I feel like the majority would agree. So yes, I would hand Bowen a yellow card as well if someone actually wanted a ruling.

Besides that, it’s no secret that I err heavily on the side of “ticky-tacky”. I only run small events that are mostly focused on being inviting to new players. I’m pretty sure KME is already hooked, so if guys at that level don’t want to come, I’m ok with that, though I’d rather they did. I just don’t want someone to attend their first league night, watch someone launch a chair across the room, and wonder why that was somehow deemed to be acceptable behavior by an adult in public. Stomp on your hat all day as far as I care! If I’m in charge, breaking things that don’t belong to you is unacceptable.

At PAPA finals, no one’s going to decide they’d rather not play because Bowen accidentally(?) kicked his chair over. To a new player in a small bar, stuff slightly more intense than that may discourage them from returning, if it seems like that might be the norm.


Just to play the devil’s advocate, do you aim to protect casual players from seeing an angry outburst until they’re familiar enough with competitive pinball to know that it’s normal behavior?


If by angry outburst you mean attacking defenseless chairs, I disagree. I don’t feel like that is normal behavior at most tournaments.

If you mean “yelling and maybe cursing”, I was trying to make it clear that I don’t find that nearly as offensive, and don’t do anything to protect casual players from witnessing it. I also agree that it probably just adds to the intrigue for most people.


I don’t recall the exact phrasing of the rules, but basically the genesis of that event is that PAPA.tv had just started and @MHS was looking for some interesting content, and proposed a league battle. (FSPA and PPL had already had a stealth league battle during PAPA the prior year.) Mark, @PAPA_Doug, @phendricks (representing PPL), and myself (representing FSPA) came up with the overall format, which was specifically designed to be as entertaining as possible for PAPA.tv viewers, which meant making it as entertaining as possible for all the participants too. I’m quite sure it’s the first pinball event whose invitation mentioned “vuvuzelas are encouraged”. Plus the actual competition format was just zany if you watch the video.

I think it’s fair to say that everyone involved had a total blast at those two events! We’ll be doing them again… sometime…

(And… FSPA 2, PPL 0. Just sayin’. :grinning:)


For me it’s not about sheltering them from these outbursts, it’s about running events that are fun for everyone and also get the newbies to return. Repeated outbursts that involve cussing after every drain is what I just don’t think is normal. Plus, when even the seasoned players are complaining about the behavior, that’s a red flag too.

Occasional outbursts happen, that’s normal IMO. But if you’re constantly doing it, that’s a problem.

Honestly though, ever since I’ve reminded people at the start of the event to keep their cool and excuse themselves if they need to blow off steam, I haven’t had any issues.


@G_Money extended version dance reminded me of this


That may be true for any event ever anywhere, not just pinball! :open_mouth:


I really only have a problem with chair kicks if there’s no union members on hand to put the chair back. Seating is already limited.


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Never got physical? You must not know about the sandwich incident. :wink:


Yellow card for Lefkoff Sr.!!