YEGPIN: 2022 Pinball and Arcade Expo - July 21 - 24, 2022

Die Hard Pinball League (DHPL) is very excited to announce YEGPIN: 2022 Pinball and Arcade Expo is officially scheduled for July 21 – 24, 2022 at Millennium Place in Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada.

DHPL is a non-profit society in Alberta with a mission statement to grow the hobby of pinball and
arcade, provide an outlet for competitive pinball and to donate to organizations that help support in the
fight against Cancer.

In 2019, over 1,500 pinball and arcade enthusiasts attended the last YEGPIN in 2019. We had 6 world class pinball tournaments and had a show record of 233 participants in our main pinball tournament in 2019. We have an excellent track record of delivering a world-class pinball and arcade show; this is due to the unwavering support from our volunteers, machine donors, competitors and enthusiasts.

For YEGPIN 2022 will are proud to announce that the show will be further expanded. YEGPIN 2022 will feature two full arenas, 30,000 square feet of pinball and arcade gaming and will be
expanded to 4 full days of celebration. One arena will hold a free play pinball and arcade areas, vendor
area(s), beer garden, concession, and DJ. The other connected arena will primarily hold all of our pinball tournaments, have our tournament desk. We are jammed packed with tournaments, headlined our new Stern Circuit event, 3 other IFPA sanctioned events and the Youth Canadian Pinball Championships. Arena 1 will be fully open to the general public on Thursday - Friday, with limited access to Arena 2 as that will be dedicated to tournament players on those days. On Saturday and Sunday, both arena’s will open up with a small portion that is dedicated to tournament play in arena 2 for those days.

Show Details:

  • This is our delayed 5th year anniversary of the Expo, it is the only pinball and arcade show in Alberta, but one of the biggest and best shows in the country!
  • Modern, air conditioned recreational center, family friendly with a state of the art swimming
    pool facilities, fitness center, indoor track, food court area, etc
  • We had just over 175 machines at the facility in 2019 and have space to accept up to 300 pinball
    and arcade games in the expanded facility. To date we already have over 125 machines already committed for the event.
  • 5 pinball tournaments, 4 IFPA sanctioned events including our new Stern Circuit Event: YEGPIN
    Match Play Championship.
  • Full streaming of our pinball tournaments all weekend long and viewing of the finals for every pinball tournament we run.
  • New and improved professional tournament setup with bleachers and chairs for competitors
    and spectators.
  • We could be giving over $50,000 in cash and prizes for all of our pinball tournaments.
  • Huge support from international, domestic and local pinball and arcade vendors and many
    corporate sponsors that help support the event!
  • A full licensed area with a huge selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages for the entire
  • Excellent accommodation and rates and many choices of restaurants within blocks of the main

Tournament Details:

1. YEGPIN Match Play Championships (Stern Circuit Event)
YEGPIN’s main tournament has always been a best game (pump and dump format) however, we are re-branding the main tournament in 2022. With the absence of Pinburgh, and with that format being very close to our heart, the Die Hard Pinball League will put together a 300 person competition, 3 day, 10 rounds, 4 machine bank match play tournament. There will be 28 banks of machines (LCD/Modern, Early Modern/Late Solid State, Early Solid State, Electro-Mechanical) and 112 competition ready machines in the tournament which will make this one of the biggest tournaments for machines ever held in the world.

The tournament will run from Thursday – Saturday where the eventual winner will be crowned
champion of the event. Each elimination round will be a four game Professional Amateur Pinball
Association (PAPA) four player format (3,2,1,0 Pinburgh scoring) knockout round with two players. We are
collaborating with Karl DeAngelo with his famous Drains Tournament Manager to bring you a
customized application for the event. Our hope is to automate the scoring entry process, real time up to date standings and ease of assigning brackets in each round within the tool.

Prize Money

Main Division
1st - $5,000
2nd - $3,000
3rd - $2,000
4th - $1,000
5th - 8th - $500
9th - 16th - $400
17th - 28th - $300
29th - 40th - $200

B Division
1st - $1,000
2nd - $750
3rd - $550
4th - $350
5th - 8th - $250
9th - 16th - $225
17th - 28th - $200
29th - 40th - $175

Novice Division

1st - $500
2nd - $400
3rd - $300
4th - $250
5th - 8th - $225
9th - 16th - $200
17th - 28th - $175
29th - 40th - $150

  • 1st Place receives YEGPIN custom trophy, 2nd-4th receive plaques
  • Total Cash Prize Pool: $40,000 (All cash prizes will be prorated if tournament does not sellout)
  • Entry Fee: $150

2. YEGPIN Woman’s Match Play Championships
Again we changing the format of this event to a Pinburgh format but having a maximum of 64
participants, utilizing 12 banks, creating a 5 round, 4 bank tournament that will run just after the finals
are completed on Saturday night. The playoffs will be held on the Sunday to determine the eventual
champion. Each elimination round will be a four game Professional Amateur Pinball Association
(PAPA) four player format (3,2,1,0 Pinburgh scoring) knockout round with four or less players.
Prize Money
Main Division
1st - $1,000
2nd - $750
3rd - $500
4th - $250

  • 1 st Place receives YEGPIN custom trophy, 2 nd -4th receive plaques
  • Total Cash Prize Pool: $2,500 (Guaranteed no prorate for less players)
  • Entry Fee: $40

3. Knockout Cancer Pinball Tournament
This tournament is now expanded to a full four-day tournament; qualifying Thursday – Saturday and
playoffs on Sunday, it will be 12 – 16 machines, and is a best game (pump and dump) format tournament, best 7 machine format. The playoffs in main draw will be a 24 person (or up to 10% of
qualifiers). B Div. (16 person), Novice Div. (16 Person) 3-strike knockout (4 player matches – 2nd/3rd/4th place
get strikes – 3 player groups 2nd place gets a strike). All proceeds for this tournament will go to Kinsmen Club (Terry Fox Foundation) and Die Hard Pinball League. The only reward will be special
trophies/plaques and WPPR points for this event. It is a chance for all players to give back and support
the fight against Cancer. In 2019 we raised over $5,000 for Kinsmen and Alberta Cancer Foundation and hope that this year we continue that trend upward with this new tournament.

Prize Money
Main Division
1st - Trophy
2nd - Plaque
3rd - Plaque

B Division
1st - Trophy
2nd - Plaque
3rd - Plaque

Novice Division
1st - Trophy
2nd - Plaque
3rd - Plaque

  • 1st Place receives YEGPIN custom trophy, 2nd & 3th place receive plaques
  • Total Cash Prize Pool: 50% goes to Kinsmen Club, 50% goes to Die Hard Pinball
  • Entry Fee: 3 for $10, 7 entries for $20, 20 entries for $50

4. Pro Pinball Tournament
This tournament pays homage to the old PAPA World Pinball Championship and current INDISC Open
Championship format. It is a high stakes, card based style tournament that will bring out the very best
players to compete for the chance to be the champion of the event. The event will run on 5 machines
and is limited to 80 competitors. Each elimination round will be a four game Professional & Amateur
Pinball Association (PAPA) four player format (3,2,1,0 scoring) knockout round with two players
Prize Money
Main Division
1st - 35%
2nd - 20%
3rd - 15%
4th - 8%
5th-8th - 3%

  • 1st Place receives a “one of a kind” Pro Pinball Bracelet, 2nd – 4th receive plaques
  • Total Prize Pool: 90% of fees are paid out, 10% goes to Die Hard Pinball
  • Entry Fee: $40 ticket, $100 for 3 tickets
  1. Youth Canadian Pinball Championship
    Will be an opportunity for those 12 and under to experience playing pinball under a competitive
    tournament setting. There will be a full qualifying session on Saturday for two different divisions (Main
    and Novice (U10), where the top 4 players in their respective division will advance to play in a four player final on Saturday afternoon. Each elimination round will be a three game Professional & Amateur Pinball Association (PAPA) four player format (4,2,1,0 scoring).
    Prize Money
    Main Division
    1st - Trophy
    2nd - Plaque
    3rd - Plaque
    4th - Plaque

B Division (U10)
1st - Trophy
2nd - Plaque
3rd - Plaque
4th - Plaque

  • 1st Place receives YEGPIN custom trophy, 2nd - 4th receive plaques
  • Total Cash Prize Pool: 50% goes to Kinsmen Club, 50% goes to Die Hard Pinball
  • Entry Fee: Free

We are anticipating the finalizing the weekend pass, and daily pass rates closer to website launch. All
prices and payouts are in Canadian dollars, we will have hotel rates, tournament schedule, and more
upon website launch. All details on the event will be on our website, when it goes live.

Please be patient, as we need to do some major updates over the next few months to ensure all
information is up to date, including the rules for each tournament. We anticipate ticket sales will be in February 2022 but will announce the ticket sale date well in advance we just want to make sure that the world is really for us to put on another show.

As always we are looking for volunteers, this consists of setup/teardown staff, Tournament Directors, Commentators, Pinball and Arcade Technicians, and general administration staff. If you want to inquire on how to help the show please email, for those that sacrifice for others, we always put together an awesome rewards package for those that are willing to help out.

Lastly, past YEGPIN’s have only been as strong as our donor community is for game, this year again we will be providing a new in box game for one lucky collector that donates their game(s) for the weekend.

Pinball donations can be filled out on our website when it goes live.

More details are coming soon, along with full ticket information, current list of pinball and arcade
machines that will be at the event, the full schedule of events, and rewards for volunteers and donors for the 2022 show.

We are hoping with the inclusion of this event to attract not only North American’s but make this a true International pinball event so we have conveniently placed this tournament at the same time as our famous Calgary Stampede and Edmonton K-Days so not only will you come to a first class tournament you might want to come and see a bit of our province as well. We hope you consider coming out and making this one of your pinball destinations next summer. More info to come at a later date!!!


quite the ambitious change! no more classic events then? games merging into the main matchplay format i assume…

If we have enough machines I was thinking about making the Knockout Cancer Pinball Tournament a full classics tournament as do like having the classics, but it is a matter if we have enough machines to make that happen. That is why I left is open, but if we get enough can for sure will take that into consideration, a three day classics tournament sound pretty fun to me :slight_smile: The issue is with the EM’s as they are the toughest to get donors for. As well we have to consider the free play area as well and make sure we have enough variety out there for the public who just want to come out and flip. But all options are on the table for sure.

that sounds like a 4-player game format. But it says “with two players.” ???

Further, just to clarify: for the qualifying match play rounds, you’ll have a Pinburgh style format (4-player groups that play 4 pins together in the banks you described). But for the finals, it will be “PAPA format” … yet 4 games, and 3,2,1,0 scoring? In other words, the finals will not continue the Pinburgh style format.

Thanks for even contemplating running this. It’s a big undertaking!

Fixed, thanks for the proof, yes there will be 4 banks, they will even by mysterously changed in the middle of the night for playoffs, and pretty sure a High Hand will show up at some point :). There will be a full 21 page rule page out when the website goes live I just finished it yesterday. Ya figured had to keep the format alive, and yes it is way more work for us but hey if we can re-kindle even half of the magic from the previous Pinburgh tournaments it will be an unbelievable event. Plus I figured this was the only way I could get you up here to show up :slight_smile:

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So will it be 5 rounds on Thursday, 5 rounds on Friday and Finals on Saturday?

That is correct, the schedule, format and rules are pretty well the same at the old Pinburgh format. The only real difference is a there is an added high stakes tournament so there are legitimately 3 major IFPA tournaments for competitors. 4 if you include the women’s match play event (5 rounds only) and 5 if you include the juniors event. Some rules like the tiebreaker rules have been tweaked but for the most part this is very close to the last Pinburgh competition with only 300 maximum competitors.

Sounds fantastic @diehardpinball! I’ll make plans to go next year.

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Really keeping it low key, hey?

We have never been about hype, it is a Stern Circuit event it is attended by those that know about it, we don’t over hype of show we just deliver it and those that attend know what we are about. I would rather not have a 5 second sellout to tell you the truth. We decided to change the event because we wanted to give those that attend this tournament an opportunity to play in what I believe is the best pinball tournament format around. We have the space, we know we can commit to the 112 machines for the tournament and run it professionally. We are cautious and we have the room and machines to pull off a 400 person event if we wanted to but for the first year we are being cautious and make sure the event runs are optimally as it can. It is a big endeavor and a huge change for show and we want to ensure we do not over commit and give the value back to all those that attend.


I was just making a joke about it being “low key” at 300 players because you said “only” 300 players. By most people’s standards that’s a pretty big tourney.

I’ve always enjoyed the previous format but personally, I look forward to the change of format and think it will better engage all players involved and not just the ones with a shot at qualifying for finals.

Ha well to us we always want to expand the show where it makes sense. It has been a pretty big show in the past with over 1500 attending, and 236 competitors the last time we held it. I really like this format because it goes even further then past years in giving those in B Division and Novice a real taste of what the competition pinball is and gives them an opportunity to qualify for the best part of the tournament which is the playoffs. Also the fact that we payout up to 40 places means that anyone really has a chance to make the playoffs and take home a little bit of cash as well, which is always nice. If you liked the previous format we did keep that too it is just now the Knockout Cancer Pinball Tournament which we are going to try to raise even more to charity.


Looks great, @diehardpinball! Have you decided what the definitions for B and Novice will be?

Still working it out but probably going with something like this.

A division restriction is

top 250 IFPA
Any Stern Circuit Event Winner/Final Winner 2019 - 2022
Any Major IFPA winner 2012 - 2022

B Division restriction is

between 251 - 1000 IFPA

Final 4 in every division (except Main) will automatically restricted to next division next year.

It really depends on how many people sign up for event if 200 people in top 250 attend then the division restriction will have to change. But based on previous shows that is where I can kind see it playing out.

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Always fun when we can put out our first official poster for the event. For those that have been asking, tickets will be available in February 2022. Website will hopefully be promoted in December, to give you all of the happenings of the show.


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Looking forward to this!


We’re back!!!

Today is our official unveiling of our new and improved website. Hopefully it is much easier to navigate and to understand how much is jammed packed in this new and improved 4 day show. You can now view the website at, please let us know what you think and we are also happy to answer any questions that the website doesn’t cover.

There is a lot of information to take in but here are a few things you want to navigate to:

Tickets section: This is not live yet, pre-sale tickets won’t be on sale until noon MST, February 12, 2022

Admission: If you pre-purchase your 4 day pass before June 1, 2022 then you will receive a $10 discount compared to if you wait and purchase at the show.

Tournaments: Yes there are five of them, yes I repeat we are running five different tournaments over the 4 days and putting on the largest pinball tournament ever in Canada with our marquee event YEGPIN Match Play Championship.

As always there will be vendor(s) and marketplace tables for those interested. Announcements are forthcoming and the promotion of the vendor page once that is fully secured. There will be an extensive free play area, the current pinball and arcade machines are only the initial list, this will grow over the next few months, we are hopeful to secure around 250 pinball machines and 50 classic arcade machines for this event. The machine themselves my change this is normal so don’t bank on the titles being in the spot they are in right now until the list is finalized in July. We will do our best to give at least two weeks prior to the event to announce all of the final banks for the tournaments.

The VIP party is no longer able to be put on but we will be having our annual YEGPIN After Dark celebration, where the lights go down and we throw the best damn pinball party of the year. We will have an expanded beer garden area with even more alcoholic and non alcohol drink choices.

If you would like to donate your pinball machine for the event there are ton of rewards including free entry into the event and a chance to win a NIB pinball machine. If you commit your machine before February 12, 2022 it also offers the unique chance to secure a spot in the limited entry YEGPIN Match Play Championship if you want to be signed up for them and not have to fight over the remaining tickets online. To donate your machine to the event please use the form on the website.

If you would like to volunteer for the event, that would be great too… Lots of great rewards including again free entry into the event and an opportunity to be pre-registered for the limited entry YEGPIN Match Play Championship. To volunteer for the event please fill out the form on our website.

More information on COVID restriction will happen before ticket sales go online we are just waiting to give you the latest information on what the restrictions will be the event.

That is all for now, much more information forthcoming this is only the start. Enjoy!!!


We have updated the information on the Clarion hotel as the phone number was wrong for booking, there are 3 rooms available online under the YEGPIN show rate so a great chance at a great deal if you are looking to attend the show. The Clarion is not the best hotel but if you are looking for a cheap room then it is your best bet.

This show is one of the most affordable tournaments around with descent cost for flights to Edmonton and real cheap accommodations and food costs especially from those visiting from the US.

We have now removed the Clarion hotel from our preferred list, long story is that they re-nagged on a sponsorship deal three years ago, we decided to give them another chance and have now once again lost our YEGPIN booking rate, and now increased the negotiated rate so we have removed them from our preferred list. However, I do understand that there might still be people that want to book with them and by all means Expedia is your friend. Thanks!

Good news all of our pinball tournaments at YEGPIN have been approved by the IFPA!!!

Three of the events (YEGPIN Match Play Championship, YEGPIN Knockout Cancer Pinball Tournament and YEGPIN Pro Pinball Tournament are all IFPA Certified which means each of these tournaments will get a 20% boost each.

Tickets go on sale on February 12, 2022 @ noon MST for YEGPIN Match Play Championship, YEGPIN Womens Match Play Championship and YEGPIN Pro Pinball Tournament, don’t miss out tickets are limited for all these events!!!

YEGPIN: Pinball and Arcade Expo is one a few run by a registered non-profit society (Die Hard Pinball League). Our mandate is to promote the great hobby of pinball and arcade, and to run high competition pinball events each year. Any profits that are made from the show are collected and use to put on future events, we also donate a large portion of proceeds to the Terry Fox Foundation to help in the fight to end Cancer.

Here is a quick rundown of events:

YEGPIN Match Play Championship
Format: Pinburgh Match Play
Playoff Format: 4 Machine Match Play
Max: 300 players
Entry Fee: $150
Prize Pool: ~ $40K
Divisions: A, B, Novice

YEGPIN Womens Match Play Championship
Format: Pinburgh Match Play
Playoff Format: 4 Machine Match Play
Max: 64 players
Entry Fee: $50
Prize Pool: ~ $4K (still looking for futher sponsorship to increase prize pool)
Divisions: A

YEGPIN Knockout Cancer Pinball Tournament
Format: Pump N Dump
Playoff Format: 3 Strike Knockout
Max: 400 players
Entry Fee: 3 Tickets: $10, 7 Tickets: $20, 20 tickets: $50
Prize Pool: 50% of total funds collected goes to charity, 50% to go to collected prize pool
Divisions: A, B, Novice

YEGPIN Pinball Pro Championship
Format: 5 Machine Card Format (High Stakes)
Playoff Format: 3 Machine Match Play
Max: 80 players
Entry Fee: 1 Tickets: $50, 3 Tickets: $125
Prize Pool: 90% of prize pool is paid out in cash prizes
Divisions: A

Every division winner gets a custom trophy, in Pro Pinball the winner receives the coveted YEGPIN custom bracelet. 2-4 places in each division get plaques. There a tons of cash prizes in all divisions. Whether you are a top ranked player or a casual player, these tournaments are built for all skill levels and are professionally run by our team.

Flights are cheap, hotels are reasonable, it is a great time to visit Edmonton, Alberta, Canada as the weather in our summers is usually quite nice!!!

Feel free to check out for all of the details.