YEGPIN: 2020 Pinball and Arcade Expo - May 1-3, 2020 - Cancelled

Well that is a wrap all VIP’s have been sold to YEGPIN: 2020 Pinball and Arcade Expo. Thanks again to the entire community for contributing to our event.

Please note only weekend passes can be purchased online now at a discounted price which ends on March 1, 2020.

If you want to come to the event and participate in the tournaments you still can. As long as we do not go over 240 competitors you can register directly at the tournament desk for the Canadian Pinball Championship and Classics Pinball Tournament. Also you can register for the Pro Pinball Tournament or Women’s Canadian Pinball Championships as long as we don’t go over 80 competitors. A one time registration fee will be $25 for those that have not purchased a VIP Pass to play in these events.

There will be a number of announcements over the next weeks to give you some extra tidbits on the show. Stay tuned!!!

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It is with a heavy heart that we have to announce that the YEGPIN: 2020 Pinball and Arcade Expo scheduled for May 1-3, 2020 is officially cancelled.

This decision has weighed on the minds of team for several weeks now.

We held out as long as we could but have now succumbed to the fact that we simply cannot proceed with the show this year for the following reasons:

· The World Health Organization has declared the COVID-19 virus a global pandemic;

· The Government of Alberta has declared a public health emergency in the province;

· The venue has closed its doors indefinitely, with no open or future date availability;

· Our event insurance wasn’t going to be covered in the event of any COVID-19 liability;

· We not could ensure the protection, safety and security of our volunteers and guests on the scheduled dates of the event

We cannot put into words how devastating this announcement is to our team, volunteers, donors, vendors, sponsors, VIP’s and the general public that have supported us and helped shaped our show to what it is today.

YEGPIN is a nine month commitment for our executive team and I want to personally thank them for all of the sacrifices throughout the year as their commitment never wavered in making sure that we delivered another world class show for our participants.

Unfortunately, with this announcement comes significant cost to our show, we will be immediately refunding all purchases for VIP and weekend passes please be patient with this process as we will be individually emailing all participants. Thankfully, the Die Hard Pinball League has be prudent as a non-profit society and has the reserve funding to be able to withstand our losses for this year’s show.

Thank you for reaching out in regards to helping out, but our preference not hold commitments for 2021 and we will be processing a refund for those whom have purchased tickets. For those that would like to contribute or support the event further those options will be stated in the email you receive and we appreciate your support.

We have never been about Go Fund Me campaigns, we have always done things on our own, have been self funded, used homegrown resources all of these years and that will never change!!! All that we ask is that you consider coming back to a future show and continue to support location pinball and arcade in your local cities as they will need it more than ever to survive!!!

As for a future event, we are uncommitted right now, but it is our intent to try to push forward in some capacity and deliver another world class show in the future. We want to thank all of you that have reached out to us, all of you that have had kind words and have had sympathy for our situation.

We apologize for the inconvenience, to all of those that committed from across the province, across Canada and internationally to come and visit our show and hope this does not detour you from coming back again.

Thanks again for your support,

Derek Thomson
President, Die Hard Pinball League
Event Director, YEGPIN: 2020 Pinball and Arcade Expo


I’m sorry, Derek. All of this sucks. It hurts to put so much time and effort into something only to have to cancel it. Looking forward to seeing you at a future event on the other side of this virus attack!