YEGPIN: 2019 Edmonton Pinball and Arcade Expo - April 26-28, 2019

I wanted to echo Germain’s comments and thank Derek and all the volunteers/staff that made it a great weekend of pinball.

Once again, I am constantly humbled and impressed by the members of this community who dedicate their time and their machines to organize and run events like this.

The queues were short and the games well-maintained. All the players and staff were incredibly friendly and helpful. I know it’s cliche, but Canadians really ARE nice people…

And, Jeso. @hisokajp was in the ZONE. An incredibly impressive performance against a really talented field. There are lots of great pinball players in Canada who just play local events and leagues and no matter who I watched or had the fortune to play with, I always came away thinking “man, I have a lot to learn”…

I certainly plan on returning next year. It was well worth the trip :+1:


I’d like to give props to Derek and everyone else involved in the setup for the tournaments.

  • The show was held in the arena area of a modern recreation centre (with an elevated running track and gym overlooking it). The floor was a dense rubber material that was less punishing to stand on all day vs concrete and also helped I think with reducing the reflected sound from the games. Also the REAL stadium lighting (from the arena lights) was incredible. I didn’t notice any issues with glare from above either on the competition games.

  • The tournament area had plenty of room between and in front the games and dedicated banks for Classics, Main, and Ladies and Kids.

  • Tape on the floor in front of the games to mark the “current player only” zones.

  • Two seating stands, one on each side with their own screens to watch the stream as well as the live players (and rest while queued).

  • The banners hanging with previous winners was a nice touch and not something you see at most events.

You guys consistently put on an excellent tournament and with the new venue this year it was pretty much perfect. :sunglasses:

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looks like streamed it, but they don’t have any past broadcasts available…

They mentioned on another forum that unfortunately the broadcast archive was not turned on but they are trying to see if Twitch is able to recover it.

Really disappointing because the event was magnificent and from what I could tell being there the stream reflected how great it was. I’m hopeful they’ll be able to recover it!

Yes, we had a new person do all of our streaming this year and unfortunately he did not click on the archive button on the stream until 10 minutes into it. This did not allow it to be archived and don’t believe we will be able to recover it. It was really a miracle that were able to stream the action as it wasn’t looking good on Friday but he was able to go to plan B and provide the action live to everyone. However, if the show goes forward next year we will ensure that all tournaments will be available for archive. I honestly thought that this was a given but obviously not as simple as I thought it was to do. Glad we were able to get it done live and thanks to our stream guy for all the effort he spent to make sure three events got streamed over the weekend hope you enjoyed the action.


The DHPL is a non profit society so we do like to post the final payout scheme for true transparency. All of our tournament payout over 100% as we subsidize all tournaments with sponsorships and other revenue from the show (ticket sales, liquor, concession, silent auction and merchandise).


Ultimate VIP Passes - 74 ($40 tournament value) = $2,840
VIP Passes - 51 ($20 tournament value) = $1,020
Tournament Entries (Friday) = $3,950
Tournament Entries (Saturday) = $6,240
Total Collected = $14,060


Tournament Payout = $17,575
Prizes: $1,926.69

Total Expenses: $19,501.69

Total Payout 138%

Pinball Pro Tournament

Total Entries (Friday) - $3,195

Tournament Payout - $2,875
Prizes: $997.50

Total Expenses - $3,872.50

Total Payout - 121%

Knockout Cancer Pinball Tournament


Tournament Entries - $1,500
Entry Donation (Thanks Jeff T!!!) - $20


Tournament entry donation plus YEGPIN match donation - $3,040

Total Payout: 200%

Thanks for all of those that travelled so far away, we were able to donate over $3,000 to cancer research and gave away over $20,000 in cash and prizes to competitors over the entire weekend. Hopefully we will announce YEG5 in the coming months if we still have the energy to pull this thing off.


Really really impressive Derek! Here’s to YEG5! :smiley:

Continuing to head in the right direction to make the SPC . . .

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Juicy points for sure… :slight_smile:

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Good thing I bribed all those top 100 players to show up lol…

What was Germain’s rank before last weekend?

If you look at a tournament on IFPA the rank it shows a player at is their rank BEFORE the tournament, you need to go to the player’s profile to see their current rank.

Germain went from 19th to 15th.

Thanks! Looks like he was 20th, as he swept the weekend and the first tournament was the YEGPIN: 2019 Pro Pinball Championship.

so now the question is… should i update my IFPA profile pic with Nitro’s pictures of the 3 trophy… :smiley: