WPT Troubleshoot

Machine was powering on, making a pop, resetting and then popping again.

Now it powers on and DMD states- No 12V detected check fuses F12 and F13.

These fuses test as good.

Where do I go next?

I had/have a similar problem with my RBION, at least with the powering on/off bit (no system messages). I’m pretty sure it’s to do with the machine not getting enough power, because when I only turn the machine on by itself (and nothing else on the same power board) it doesn’t happen.

Not that this info helps much, but it may just point to a completely faulty transformer/power supply. I’d suggest measuring the voltage going to the boards with a multimeter.

We fixed it. Replaced a bridge rectifier, am unsure if this actually did anything. Problem persisted. we then took out the flourescent backbox light, this gave us enough juice to update the code, and it then worked.