WOZ wiki rulesheet?

Any complete rule sheet on this game? Looking for specifics on HFMB, not quite sure whats going on while I’m playing it. TIA


WRT HFMB, Keith said something about it in a code release thread where he fixed a bug. Each shot relates to the number of hits you made during the associated Haunted mode. If you did well in Haunted Targets, the targets will be worth more in HFMB, etc. Then each shot you make in the MB increases that value? Maybe?

So it’s more of a scoring MB than a goal oriented one like EC or Rescue? I usually end up with it stacked with something so not sure what I’m shooting for.

The stacking is great but so confusing to know what the hell you are suppose to shoot for outside of EC.

Yes, I believe that’s correct. Stacking them is a great idea because it makes virtually everything a sort of Jackpot as well as progress through your other MB.