WOZ Question

I was playing a tournament game when I started Rescue. One ball drained out the left and hit all 5 no place targets. Game kicked that ball back out and went into No Place ball save mode with both balls going and wouldn’t score anything while I tried to finish the ball save, which I didn’t thus losing my ball and multiball. Is that standard? Does the Toto side do that too?

If your in Multiball it should not happen. Likely a bug.

TNPLH targets are inactive during multiball play. When I’ve had an everybody-out-of-the-pool moment, I’ve been heard yelling “Drain, Drain, Drain!”, because there are balls bouncing around in TNPLH and I’m not getting any switch hits until the machine registers the penultimate ball in the trough. Your problem sounds like the game was confused about the number of balls in play (maybe a trough issue, or it released an excess ball from munchkinland?). It’s pretty important that virtual locks are on for tournaments for this reason. Ruling: Minor malfunction, that’s pinball. Sorry, man. But the director ought to check out the machine.