World Cup Soccer kickback issue

I have a WMS World Cup Soccer and I’d say the kickback doesn’t successfully kick the ball back into play about 95% of the time. It appears to me that the switch is actuating too early, and thus the kickback is firing before the ball really gets down to it. I have tried adjusting the switch but haven’t really gotten anywere, and it appears to not be the original. I’m going to swap it with the left inlane switch to see if that helps but any other thoughts or pointers would be appreciated.

It could be the switch arm is incorrect and as a result triggering before it is supposed to.

Find out what the factory arm looks like and then get the correct switch arm and you should be fine.

So it turned out that the coil sleeve was too short, and didn’t reach out through the end of the bracket, which caused the coil to be a little wobbly and off-center. New sleeve, all good.

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