Wizard of Oz in a tournament?

This is some semi mock tourney games I played for my stream. Nacasistic as it may seem I find it enchanting to watch. Different techniques. These are long playing games and still make for interesting viewing.

Won all four games I played on WOZ today in the KY SCS!


Was it recorded? Video or it didn’t happen…hahahah

Nope. And it’s a shame.

There was some amazing matches yesterday. Wish we had experienced streamers around to help broadcast it next year. The semi final match with me and @jrb was pretty awesome.

what scores?

Like 400 thousand 80 thousand 40 thousand and like 20 thousand in the 3rd place match. 400k was good enough for 3rd high score. Not sure how often they reset.

Also. Wide outlanes and virtual EC locks.