Wizard Mode TONIGHT at 8PM EST


Have you looked into using a proxy ip?


Where is the tiki-ish looking location with all the solid state and em games that’s featured in the film?


That’s the Fraser Valley Flipout.


I also want to buy this but can´t. :frowning:
Let´s hope they make it available to the other 95 % of the world´s population as well.

“I know those restrictions are there for a reason, but I was really looking forward for this doc for a long time.”

What reasons could that be?



Maurizio wasn’t video recording at PAPA 19 either. As far as Maurizio knew, the film was “done”. I was sitting beside him when he got the text from the producers who asked him to “Start Filming” when Robert was doing well in the finals; they told him if Robert wins this, they will do a last minute edit of the film. So Maurizio starting filming. Those last minute additions from PAPA 19 were filmed by Maurizio. You could not have asked for a more timely fairy-tale ending to that movie.


Because that was the one local tournament, the video crew was there the entire weekend. I think they played the full 40+ hours of footage in 40 seconds!


The possible reason for a region restriction could be a pending deal with, let’s say, a European distributor who wants to show the doc in theatres or wants to release a dvd/bluray.

Anyway, you could use a VPN Tunneling service like Tunnelbear to access the movie. Super easy app for pc/mac. It’s free for the first 500mb. Activate it, buy or rent the movie and than disable or uninstall tunnelbear.
Once you have bought the movie, you can watch/stream it from any location in the world


My wife and I did joke though that my brother was a total asshole :slightly_smiling:

haha, I think you explained it right. Maybe it is what they were going for as representing the difficulty of the social interaction and queues. I think I noticed Cayle being on the same “train” as Zach’s in the video too :slightly_smiling:


I think they weren’t necessarily being dismissive of Robert, just to busy thinking about their tournament. I generally don’t talk to people during matches because I don’t want to distract them or myself.

I just finished watching the documentary and really enjoyed it. Fantastic job by Robert and all those involved!


Documentary or unscripted television editors are going to use everything that happens in the footage or within an interview to make a deliberate positive or negative tick in the course of a narrative.

I haven’t seen the movie (can’t wait), but one should always think critically regarding a character’s portrayal in a documentary. Unscripted producers are going to distill an individual’s feelings and opinions to something very simple to understand. I’m sure Wizard Mode is as nice as they come, but I’ll be interested in seeing how they create conflict or the sense of an antagonist. King of Kong certainly figured out how it was going to do that.


The antagonist seemed pretty clearly to be the pinball machines and Robert’s high expectations on his own performance. Which seems just about right to me :slight_smile:



I was looking forward to watching and seeing if the ending was changed :laughing:


I buckled and used a VPN. For anyone else region restricted, the simplest way I found was to use the new (development) version of Opera browser available from http://www.opera.com/developer

This has free and unlimited use VPN built in. In Opera navigate through Menu/Privacy and Security to enable the VPN. Then browse to a website and switch region using the VPN button near the address bar.

Really enjoyed the film. Robert and the pinball community come across really well I thought. Hope it finds success beyond the pinheads :slight_smile:


Thanks for the tip! I’ll use this too, much appreciated.


What are people’s opinions of this as less a movie for pinheads and more just a rad human interest piece? Usually have a hard time convincing the fiancee that anything remotely pinball related might reel her in for other reasons, but I think that’s just me.

I freaking loved it, though. People would also be wise in checking out Tommy Skinner’s interview with Robert and one of the producers on the most recent episode of This Flippin’ Podcast.


Well I finally made time to watch it and I really liked it. Girlfriend watched most of it with me and she thought it was nice, too. Of course she thought Robert was cute.
Amazing, I was expecting the Papa 19 stuff to be just a little epilogue, but it really didn’t seem like a last minute addition if you didn’t know.
Yeah, I thought the stuff with Z. Sharpe played a little harsh, but it helped the movie, so that’s cool.


Now available to purchase on DVD - I’ve got a copy, although I can’t remember where I got it from - legally I might add.