Winter Tournament Weekend :: Bang Back Pinball Lounge :: Columbia, SC :: January 13th-16th

Hey everyone, I wanted to let you know we will be hosting a weekend of events at Bang Back in January. Trying to be respectful of the calendar, this is a week after Magfest and 3 weeks before INDISC.

We are hosting 4 events over 4 days. The general breakdown looks like this:

  • Thursday, January 13th 7:00 PM :: Belles and Chimes Event - Targeted Match Play - $10 entry, $10 side pot, coin drop.
  • Friday, January 14th 7:00 PM :: 3 Strikes Knockout - $10 entry, $10 side pot, coin drop
  • Saturday, January 15th 1:00 PM :: High Stakes Event - $50 Entry, $20 side pot, games on Free Play. Match Play Qualifying, PAPA Style 3 Game Finals. A & B Divisions. Guaranteed $500 First Place, up to $1,000 1st Place with a full field (capped at 64).
  • Sunday, January 16th 1:00 PM :: Flipper Frenzy - 3 Hours of non-stop play. $10 Entry, $10 side pot. Finals head to head, double elimination

IFPA sanctioned * Big Wins * Multiple Divisions * Great Trophies * Side Pots * Lots of Random Giveaways * Weekend Brunch

I’ve had a lot of players hit me up wanting to visit, and they always say, “Tell me when your next big event is…” so here ya go. Since we’re a newer scene here in Columbia, most of our scheduled events are recreational. Therefore going forward in 2022, I think we’re going to host a full weekend once a quarter for competitive play, and focus our efforts on making those fun and rewarding.

I’ve tried to make this financially attractive to those who want to travel, without scaring the entire local community away :slight_smile: That’s why we’ll have side pots added to all events. The main event, High Stakes on Saturday is a guaranteed 1st Place prize of $500, with the top 8 getting a payout. After/If we go over 32 players the prize pot increases, and we will add a B Division, with the top 4 getting payouts there. I plan to have super cool trophies, as those who know my events have come to expect.

I’ll try to remember to check back here to answer any questions. Otherwise, keep an eye on our Facebook as I plan to create an event page for this today. There will be more detail added there. I also plan on listing the High Stakes event on Eventbrite, since we’ll be capping that at 64 players. You’ll have to signup in advance for that one.

I’m glad the world is beginning to open back up. I hope to see some familiar faces make the trip. Otherwise, I’ll see y’all at INDISC. Take care, FR

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Do you have times for these events? :slight_smile:


Yes, both evening events (Thurs & Fri) will start at 7:00 PM, and the weekend events will start at 1:00 PM. Trying to wrap up the FF event on Sunday by 6-7 so people can catch flights home if needed.

Is the knockout groups of 4?
(4 player matches – 3rd/4th place get strikes – 3 player groups ONLY 3rd place gets a strike)

That would allow it to be 100% TGP although starting a 100% TGP event at 7pm is… ambitious :wink:

We’re open until 1:00 AM… however, agreed. No playing between rounds, and I’ll keep the bull whip handy.

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Tickets for Saturday’s High Stakes Event will go LIVE this SATURDAY 12/11 at 3:00 PM EST. You can grab them here:

Cool so it will be 100% TGP? 4/3 player groups top 2 don’t get a strike ?

For anyone who was confused on getting tickets you have to click get tickets on the Facebook event to go to the event brite page

Yes, on the strikes question.

Thank you for the clarification on the signup. That was the link they gave me. First time using Eventbrite.

Quick update: Sold 22 tickets the first day. I was contacted by a few more folks telling me they would be getting them soon. So off to a decent start. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Thank you! FR


If we weren’t holding our unofficial 2020-21 MN State Championship on Jan 15th, I’d totally be booking my airfare and getting out of the frozen tundra. Good luck with the tourney, it looks to be a big success.

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I know, I just heard that yesterday! Super bummed, but I know y’all will have fun up there (provided your cars start… :wink: )

Update: We are at 30 tickets sold for our High Stakes event. After two more people, we’ll enter the “bonus zone” where prize money will increase and a B Division will be added. Hope to see you there! FR


Great weekend, lots of fun. Thank you to everyone who came out to play. A wide arrangement of winners, which was great to see. Looking to do this quarterly, so I’ll let you know when those dates are. Check our FB page out for results. FR