Willy Wonka Rulesheet (Early WIP)

Maybe @PinballKatz or @keefer can chime in on this: what is the intended left outlane post position? Ours came with no post installed and a plug in the upper post hole and the lower post hole open. I moved the plug into the lower hole as it was causing a weird roll. The current high score seem to indicate no post is fine. The game is currently on location. Every copy of Wonka I’ve seen in public has a different outlane post configuration.

The way it came is the way its intended. No post in place in either position

I will add I personally prefer the plug to be removed entirely but I will caution with it not there a small possibility of a ball trap exists. Its fairly easily nudged out if it happens though.

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The location near me had 7 times as many left outlanes as right outlanes, according to the audits.

Thanks @PinballKatz I like it just fine with no post and as I said the high score board seems to reflect that as well. I agree no plug is fine but having it in the lower hole seems to mitigate weird rolls and the occasional stuck ball. Most likely going to leave it as is then. Thanks for the reply!

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@misterschu will have to check the audits but the left outlane does have the benefit of having a kickback.

I need some more detailed info about Wonka’s Office mode, how does the scoring in it work?

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ya… I guess I’m not certain how that would affect the audits (I was told the numbers by the tech). If the left outlane switch is getting double counted on kickbacks it would mean the ratio is not quite as stark (the way ours was set up was very unbalanced since the right outlane was not 100% open). Ours was also getting weird rolls from the plug in the top hole.

I’m trying to figure out how to phrase this, but the kickback should be a nice-to-have, not a necessity. something like, balancing draininess should take the possibility of the kickback into consideration, but it shouldn’t feel like the kickback is a band-aid because of the extreme drain tendency.

I think 100% of my right ramp misses have gone to the left outlane.

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Corrected info about hurry up combos for completing Augustus and Mike. Added additional info on Wonka’s Office Wizard mode. Added info on Kid completion display symbols. Corrected which orbit feeds the Wonka-Vator. Miscellaneous other small additions.

Added more details to Wonkavator MB and Oompa Loompa Odyssey.

I find that I often forget about Kid MB, or I look over there and it’s not lit, even though I have several kids qualified. Do you need to qualify a kid, then start Kid MB on the same ball? Kid MB will only be lit at the start of the ball if all kids are qualified?

Played this for the first time yesterday.

The left outlane set-up had no post, and the plug in the upper hole.

I had 4 or 5 balls hit the plug, and then jump over the wireform so that it was off the playfield and balancing between the wooden side rail and plastic, it then rolled down above left outlane and not triggering the kickback and into the trough. I would have thought that removing the plug altogether would vastly reduce these airballs.

Having a rubber on the dividing post between the 2 left inlanes was something I can’t recall seeing before, and certainly contributed to a very high percentage of balls finding their way to the left outlane when I initially thought that the ball would be safe.

I also discovered that shooting the left ramp over and over to get wonka bars, stopped working. When I got to 10 the left ramp wasn’t lit for more bars.
The preferred strategy was to shoot the left lane, let the magnet catch the ball, and rip the spinner for a wonka bar per spin, I regularly got the bars above 100. Obviously that means you need to avoid the captive ball collecting a kid, as the left lane would start Kids MB.

The ratio of 7-1 for left to right outlane drains seems about right from the 4hrs of play I put on it.

One thing I like the thought of about the add a player late in the game on site is.

If you are playing your last credit and get a replay and are then awarded a credit, add another player using that credit to try and get another replay before the replay value rises.

I had this exact case yesterday a few times, but the settings were such that it wouldn’t let me add another player at any point

Kid MB is lit after you collect any kid but if you drain and don’t have all 5 qualified then you need to qualify and collect another before its lit again. If you have all 5 it stays lit


Yes I finally implemented the change that, by default, you can’t add players after someone has hit last ball (unless set for 1 ball).

Inspiration was safe cracker where you can’t add after someone hits sudden death.

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You can add players to Safecracker after they’ve played a ball or two? I never knew that.

That’s pretty cool about SC, but I guess it works because you don’t have defined “balls” … players continually rotate til someone runs out of time, then that person drops out of the rotation. I’ve seen a game where P1 played well, got into multiball twice, put up a big score, ran into sudden-death and finally drained, completing their game before anyone else had even plunged their first ball. Interesting machine!
Edit, the opposite is also fun, where all 4 players are stinking it up and there’s basically a congo line at the machine as everyone keeps draining.

The original StallBall. OT Fun Fact: After 7 or so board games, time has no meaning.

@WWJ Almost positive that the diverter dropping the ball onto the magnet after a left ramp shot WILL NOT start Kid Multi. You should be OK there to keep ripping the super spinner for bars.

You’re right, I think, I was thinking about setting up the spinner shot from the lower right flipper

Have all 5 Golden Tickets been found?

1 for 5 JPs during Gobstopper MB
1 for completing Factory Tour, starting all 12 features in the center of the play field
1 during Kid MB, ? # of JPs (does it have to be a Super?)
1 as a ”gum ball” achievement- how do you do this?
What’s the 5th one? Something in Wonkavator MB?