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I was thinking of adding a ‘wiki’ or ‘wiki rulesheets’ category under Games, because that is something I would kind of like to highlight. Thoughts?

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I like it! It would be cool to have a sticky one at the top with a list of all of them available so we can bookmark it for tournaments.

Great idea! Would be cool to see a wiki of a bunch of different games and strategies being discussed in the comments below.

could be made the start point into the forum? just thinking about how categories are presented.

I can, I tried it for a while when we were testing. I’m not convinced it is a positive change though. I really wish users could change it themselves for their own preferences. Not possible though.

I meant for my Doctor Who post in Games to be editable like a wiki since I am not, in fact, the leading authority of Doctor Who strategy. How do I make that happen?

Unfortunately an admin has to do it, I haven’t figured out a way around that. I’ll do it now.

Isaac Ruiz, leading authority on Dr. Who strategy. Let’s get you some business cards.

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I just did my first wiki edit, and for some reason all the curly quotes in the document got changed to straight quotes without me actually doing that. Not a big deal, just thought I’d mention it.