Who's got the best league? - Trash Talker Invitational League Challenge at Replay FX

I’m trying to gauge interest on how many leagues would participate in a League Challenge tournament on Sunday at Replay FX.
It would require each league to choose a captain and he/she would be responsible for making sure that a minimum of 6 players would be available on Sunday afternoon. If we can get 4-8 leagues to participate I can make it
Any takers?

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between this (which really needs to happen!) and the intergalactic championship, clearly I need to reschedule my Sunday AM flight

also cities/regions might be fun too- portland vs nyc vs the bay area vs new england vs chicago, etc

MCPL from Alabama should be down for that. I believe we will have exactly 6 players there. We are not leaving until Monday AM.

Great a couple more leagues and we can make it happen.

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At first I was thinking “Oh yeah, Portland could totally field a team” and then my second thought was “Or I could just hang out and chill at the show like I planned.”

Chilling won. Maybe one of the other locals is interested in coordinating. @noahpdavis?


We’re definitely all the best players in the entire building, regardless of where we place in the tournament. We’re also the laziest. How’s that for a non answer?


Portland is pretty good. I hear they won Portland’s largest pinball tournament for the first time in around half a decade.

The Pinburgh 2013 and Pinburgh 2015 league champions say otherwise :stuck_out_tongue:

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Seattle is probably pretty close to winning out of players that actually play in the local league. The bar league has Kevin Birrell, Ray Davidson, Dave Stewart, Germain Marielle, Chris Chin, Tim Tournay at least until last month. If you count the monthly house league you can add a ton of other talented players. I don’t think any top 3 US players live in Seattle, but our bar league scene is vibrant as shit and the monthly house league may include a player who doesn’t like attention and doesn’t play in tournaments who is probably as good or better than our top three. Granted he would tell us to screw off if we asked him to play, but for the sake of argument could technically be included.

I DON’T KNOW WHO YOURE TALKING ABOUT. Also were like . . The best on the planet and beyond the infinite. We win our local weekly tournaments PRACTICALLY EVERY WEEK - the proof is in the pudding.

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Well , ya know, if all their prizes get hauled out of town people figured they might just take their ball and go home - so they get thrown a bone now and then :wink:

37 Major finals appearances between us Chicago boys … Mic drop? :slight_smile:

Edit: make that 39 (forgot Keefer and NOEL STEERE bitches - just in case this tournament includes an Episode 1) :wink:

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Appearances are fun, championships are more fun :slight_smile:

show off! :slight_smile:

It appears there’s enough interest to make this tournament happen- I’ll post details in a Facebook event page tomorrow. If you’d like to check out the previous Trash Talker Tournament sites you can do so here:

TTI 2015 https://www.facebook.com/events/367399980117087/?active_tab=posts

TTI 2016 https://www.facebook.com/events/1011260108934079/?active_tab=posts

Cleveland/Kidforce is the league of up-and-comers, just sayin’ :wink:

I think I know someone who would want to be captain for this as well.

Colorado wants in on this action.

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It’s time for the leagues to assign captains and have them confirm with
me that they are interested in playing. Each league must have a minimum
of six players that will be available on Sunday at Replay FX.
The first four leagues that make a firm commitment will be invited. The
next 4 will have to have to make their case as to why their league is
worthy and why that “other” league is nothing but a bunch of double
flipping slam tilters.
Here’s the Facebook event page- https://www.facebook.com/events/1113328425407749/permalink/1116776921729566/