Whirlwind - Quick Multiball question

Curious about the rule regarding Quick Multiball and how many times it can be played when lit via Skyway ramps.

I think I played 2 or 3 QMBs lit from the Skyway, then for the rest of the game the drop target value maxed at 150K regardless of how many consecutive Skyways I hit.

The rule sheet only states “After a certain point, LITE QUICK MULTIBALL can no longer be lit.”

Anyone know the limit? Also, is it a fixed number or an adjustment?

It’s an adjustment.

From the manual:

I’m not sure what the default is, but I can check how mine’s set tomorrow night if you’re interested.

Does that include QMBs played via cellar door or just the ones earned via Skyway?

I’m sure it’s just for the Skyway ones.

@bkerins, please confirm that the 100th trip through the set of cellar awards still includes a Quick MB. :smiley:

Ah this is something I know a lot about.

The default for QMB is 2, and I’m fairly sure it’s just ramp QMBs. It is at least in the realm of possibility that cellar QMBs count against you (since after you play QMB from cellar, the drop will time out all the way down after the next ramp shot (or start the next ball totally off)).

Extra balls dry up in the game, so you’re limited how many cellars you can do. I have NEVER seen QMB disabled like extra ball is.

Personally I recommend setting QMB limit to 99, because the compass does have an unsettable limit of 10. The game’s really a bummer with no compass, no QMB, and no cellar.


Side note.

Whirlwind can serve to total ripoff in multi player games. With two balls in the lock trough as kindly provided by your opponent, you can start both multi balls as a stack with your very first shot of the ball (celler when lit for Quick MB). Or else four ramps and the drop.

It’s awesome when you’re opponent doesn’t know this, right @pinwizj? :smiley:

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LOL that was a good one. I had only owned the game for 13 years up to that point :slightly_smiling:

I believe that was here:


Ouch. That hurts

Yep. There is no 100th QMB.

Love the multiball stack on that game, it can be so huge. If no one else has said this, the stack is even better because of the longer display effect. If you park a ball in the cellar you have enough time to gather and shoot with the second ball. Get another jackpot and the whole effect happens again.

Because of this, Whirlwind is the only game where my personal best is better than the #1 score on Pinball Arcade. :slight_smile:


File this under “Things most of you already probably knew about Whirlwind but I just learned”:

Step 1: Get Quick Multiball and Multiball ready to go at the same time. (2 balls locked on first multiball, and get the Quick MB cellar award.)

Step 2: Instead of hitting the under-the-ramp shot, hit the side ramp.

Multiball starts, but not Quick MB. Play your Multiball. When Multiball ends, the ability to start Quick MB is gone.

So I guess you don’t want to do that. :smiley: