Where to play in Columbus

I’m going to be traveling to Columbus OH next month from the 14th-17th and was hoping to get in some good pinball. Somewhere with newer games would be preferable. I would also like to join in on any casual tournaments or league meetings if there are any going on at that time. Thanks

Level one is my favorite place. Mix of eras, they’ll probably have a selfie league going on too.

Not sure if any meetings. Contact Therese Edwards because the only other league I think that meets there is the women’s league, and they might be on break.

Looks like you’ll be missing cal extreme at that time :confused:

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Cool thanks, I was planning on missing cal ex anyways since it’s such a busy time of year for me. I saw on fb there was a women’s league there but didn’t know if they had a July meeting scheduled. I visited Oakland a couple months ago and had a good time w the Belles and Chimes. Thanks for the info.

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Arcade super awesome has an excellent line up of over 15 games. Pretty awesome. Many new sterns and Jjp. And I think there will be monthly tourneys there soon.

Check it


If your in Columbus on a Thursday, stop by Arcade Super Awesome and guest play in our league. Our next tournament is not until the 23rd. We have a good collection of Williams, new Stern, as well as Hobbit and Wizard of Oz. If you can hit us up as well as Level One, I think you will have a great time.


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Thanks, I fly in that night so I’ll try to hit it up if it’s not too late. Looking forward to hitting up both those spots.

She came, she saw, she kicked our ass!

Thanks Ann(sp?) for stopping by Arcade Super Awesome. Grand Champ on Game of Thrones and Kiss and a trail of high scores. Great meeting you.

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Thanks for having me, I had an awesome time. Sorry I couldn’t be there a little earlier. I’ll try to hit it up again if I have time. Gonna hit up level one tonight and check that out too. Thanks again. U guys are cool.

wish i was in town, have fun at level one!