Where to buy lightning flippers

I bought some repros a while back and they broke in weeks. Luckily I found some nos ones at the time on ebay. Do they sell repros that dont suck somewhere?

I wish I could find some NOS ones. I’ve got a couple pairs I picked up from Bay Area Amusements awhile back but I don’t use them often enough to comment on durability. They definitely don’t look as nice though—the molding isn’t as crisp and the plastic seems cheaper.

Yea the ones I bought were probably from marco? I dunno its been to long. The plastic around the shafts cracked and that was the end of them.

The BAA/ PPS ones are good. I’ve had a pair in my location Drac with upgraded flipper coils (11629’s) for at least a couple years and no issues. The new ones were a tad longer than the originals, but I figured that was just the plastic slightly shrinking over the years. Difference isn’t noticeable when playing.