When the start button gets pressed mid-game

Agreed. Too many people don’t grok math, as you know too well from all the WPPR / SCS / etc. threads.


FSPA language:

Any recorded scores on the machine at the time of failure will be used if the machine is brought back into service and affected players replay, or players accept agreed-upon scores.

As usual with catastrophics (or even major malfunctions), there’s no great solution – the game isn’t playing as intended, which sucks. But if players are willing to accept approximate scores, that solution seems more in line with the spirit of competition than going full mulligan.

Had similar in competition where this guy would power hook a soggy Funhouse left plunger and took on the start button as well. This (and Road Show) being WPC may be menu adjusted to prevent this.

I may not grok math. I do, however, appreciate the mathematical and statistical analysis that shows up on Tilt Forums. Please keep it coming. Sometimes I even learn something.

I also appreciate @michi’s occasional grammar lessons that pop-up here and there. I could certainly use the help in that department.

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Grammar lessons? I don’t recall any. Ah, yes, the thing about “which” vs “that” :slight_smile: That’s a rule that most people don’t know about. I see it done wrong regularly on national TV, newspapers, radio, and so on. Standards are definitely slipping… :wink:

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I absorbed most of Tilt Forums all in one go so things that took place over several years were almost instantaneous for me. A “which versus that hunt” was definitely involved. My apologies if I attributed grammatical corrections to you that should be attributed to someone else. In all cases the grammar lessons were limited to how the rules we are trying to abide by were written (not how any post was written.) I am not a lawyer or a militant grammarian, but, if we can’t agree what our pinball-rules even mean what are we going to do? To this extent language and usage matter and although I am no expert, I appreciate when the experts weigh in.


TDs should always use a checklist like this one for game setup. Problem avoided:


Machine Settings Checklist.pdf (364.7 KB)

I don’t know about Taxi, but not all games have a setting to disallow game restart. At the very least it’s not an option on any EM machine.

But on early solid states, it’s either been rewired for free play on each Start button press, or it gets credited up every 40 plays or so. There’s no adjustment in settings available to protect against this.

One solution is to use the No Cheat Pinball System that I’ve seen at some European competitions: it provides the benefit of not allowing a player to abuse a pin that has Restart enabled, or an older pin that doesn’t have an option to disable it: http://www.belgianopenpinball.eu/NCPS.aspx