What's this move called?

What’s it called when you have a ball trapped, and then tap the flipper button to send the ball up the inlane so it will roll back down the flipper to create a better position for a tight backhand?

Are you talking about a game like Flash Gordon, where you do that move on the right flipper to take a backhand shot at the inline drop targets?

If so, I don’t know if it has a name. There aren’t too many games where it would be the preferred strategy compared to a post pass or tap pass.

Yep. I use this technique on WOZ to hit the Crystal ball or HOADC shot and was trying to describe it to someone. My explanation sounded long winded so hoped there was a name for it. Also use this technique on BSD to hit the rats hole from right flipper.

I do this on Black Pyramid to safely shoot the inline drops on the right.

Taylor, submit a suggestion to bowden. I just call it a backhand but it probably deserves a bit more

The gymnastics term “backflip” coincidentally describes it pretty well - - the move you’re making isn’t just a backhand where you’re shooting something on the same side of the playfield as the flipper is on, your’re trying to flip the ball back over the head of the flipper like someone doing a backflip in gymnastics.

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Works great for the Tron scoop on the right flipper too.

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Yep, was thinking the same thing. It’s weirdly less risky for me to hit the Tron scoop with this method than with the left flipper.

I sometimes do this with the Extra Ball/Woodbury shot on TWD too.

We’ve been calling this a tap back. I dunno if there is an official name. I’ve never heard it called anything in particular.

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Not just weird – it’s physics! :smile:
The ball will typically have a lot less speed from a backflip than from a forehand shot. So it will typically have less chance of bouncing out of the scoop. Plus, if you miss it, the rebound won’t be coming back at you as fast.

The move that’s being described is a “tap back” first – to get the ball to roll up the inlane. The following move is the “backflip.”

Sometimes a tap back provides enough roll up the inlane to do a raised flipper pass to the other side. Lots of classic pins will do this – handy for those that don’t lend themselves to a post transfer.

You’re makin’ a whole lotta sense over here :smile:

Guess the risk is really in botching the tap back in that case (+1 for “tap back” btw).

Joey does the “tap back” a lot. I think hes the first one I heard refer to it as a tap back. In multiball games when you have a ball cradled and another ball is headed towards the ball that’s currently cradled, you can tap the cradled ball back up the inlane to gain control of both on the same flipper instead of the second ball hitting the first ball and losing control of one or both of them. I use it a lot on games that you can’t post pass on easily from a cradle, lots of older SS games. I love pinball! So many cool techniques I’ve learned watching other people play. If I could only master the Hays maneuver! lol


So then the entire move is a “Tap back backflip” then?

I do this on Star Trek sometimes to hit the mission scoop if I’m not feeling good about the away team shot, or from time to time to shoot the scoop on Metallica.

Tapbackula? :smile:


I’ll sometimes do this on Monster Bash to get the Creature … and if you can live catch the Creature kickout, you can repeat it.


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I’d call it a Punt or The Setup (though I like punt better).

It’s called a tapbackupdeflip.

Going by that analogy how about onside kick:)

ok so…backflip it is