What color should I use to screen print DMD design on black shirt?

Red? Orange? Red and orange mixed together?

It looks best as a mix of orange, dark orange and yellow. If you go with 1 solid color it doesn’t look as good unless the dots are really large


Dang, that’s true. I hate how simple projects become way more complicated than I expected.

Any 3 to 4 color gradient will get you nice results. Separate the brightness/contrast of the colors more for printing than you would on your computer monitor.


Ok one more question. If I wanted to get a specific image from a game, do I have to take a photo of it and work from the ground up, or can I download a digital version of it off of visual pinball or somewhere?

Pinball browser should allow you to get the image you want. If the image you want is a raster image, it is easy to get and export. If it is a motion image, it is more complicated because you need to combine together multiple frames. It may not be easy to make stills from the animation look like they do in your head.



Not sure if you are limited to screen printing but, when I had our DSD shirts made I used the digital print process instead of screen print. More variation of color I guess? Custom ink tried to modify my design in order to screen print and some of the details were lost. We ended up using digital print process instead and they turned out great.

I can see where digital prints would look better but since this is just a home project for me to make a couple shirts for funs I didn’t want to go through the trouble of paying to get that printed for me.

I was considering in the future to design some general pinball related pattern or take an image of a playfield and have it digitally printed on fabric to make a dress. Because you know, that will make me better at pinball.

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If you were more specific on what it is you were trying to do it would help. Pinball browser images won’t have the dot pattern you are likely looking for but they are handy for capturing a graphic.

Can’t say, it has to be a surprise.

Our sanctum shirts are a single color. Just have the image handy. Not a picture of the shirt. Shows up good on black and grey shirts. Different shades are all just different size “dots”

Thanks for the suggestions everyone. I tried to download pinball browser but I have a mac and it was too much computer for me to make it work. I took a reference photo instead and am using the world’s most embarassing reverse engineering method to create my print. I’ll post a pic when I’m done.

Hey so I made my shirt! Thanks everyone. Def, not my real hair btw.


That shirt is great!