Welcome Back, WPPRs

Congrats to the International Flipper Pinball Association (IFPA) on its announcement that officially sanctioned competitive pinball - and the sweet, sweet WPPR points that will rain down upon pinball players, starved since 2020 of these tasty ranking points - will return on August 1, 2021. To celebrate, NYC’s Funtorium and Greg “Wpperelli” Poverelli will present the “Welcome Back, WPPRs” Tournament for 24 lucky players on Sunday, August 1. Details to follow! Until then…welcome back everybody!

Welcome Back
A disease was your ticket out
Welcome back
All those TD rulings we all bitched about

Oh the names haven’t changed since you been around
We’re just all two years older with ten more pounds

We had to sit and bleed ya!
(had to sit and bleed ya)
Now you’re back when we need ya!
(back when we need ya)

Oh we missed you a lot
and I fell 30 spots
Welcome back
Welcome back, welcome back welcome back


Liked the post, if only for the title pun. Someone has good taste.

There were plans for another tournament with that same title on August 1 (featuring Gabe Kaplan, of course). GMTA? Wonder if Josh can handle two with the same name on the same day?

I was the first one to make a song / video so I think it’s official!

Theirs is gonna have to do without the comma.

I’m really looking for to points coming back!