Weird Pinburgh Malfunctions

Any kind of data is proof that some part of the game is completed.

If I’m shown proof of the scores after ball 1 as a TD, then there’s no longer a ‘full restart’. There’s the scores recorded plus 2 more balls for each player.

I could take a picture of a huge score after ball 1, have a crappy ball 2 score, intentionally not take a picture, so if there’s a catastrophic malfunction at that point I can get a new ‘ball 2’ . . . depending on how “Lefkoff” you want to get with it :wink:

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haha I had the same thoughts after a 80M ball 1 on surf and safari :wink:

This is not a malfunction, just extremely embarrassing on my part. I’m player two of haunted house. I watch player one take their turn. All the flippers work fine. I step up and give the flipper a few flips before I plunge. I notice that the upper and lower of flippers are not moving. I think, “that’s odd, I saw them work for P1”. I assume they activate when the ball is on those playfields then startmy turn.

Shoot the ball upstairs. No flippers. Dumps down to the basement. No flippers. I trap up with the two main flippers and call for a tech. I tell them only the two main flippers work.


so yeah. I belonged in D. Haha


I was in a tournament somewhere this year where that did not take place - - the locked in person was directed to replay, too, and caught a break and won instead. We need to get the word out better on this rule.


I literally did this in a tournament that I was TDing. Stupidity knows no tournament divisions.


i had two weird ones. well, one annoying one and one weird one.

on The Dark Knight, i was starting ball 3, and I had Joker Multiball ready to start. unfortunately, i failed to notice that it loaded two balls into the shooter lane. so i gave it a normal plunge, but the two balls did not have enough momentum to make it into the pops like normal, and instead both came down the right orbit and went STDM. game over.

the weird one was an airball on High Roller Casino. It landed on the wireform, and rolled down that to where i already had a ball locked. the game appeared to deal with that okay, because it correctly spit out one of the two balls and allowed my turn to continue, but i think it somehow lost count of the balls in play at that point, because on the next player’s turn, they successfully hit the wireform ramp, and the game immediately ended their ball for no reason.