Want to be notified when you're near a place to play?

Hi…i’m working on adding a feature to the Pinball Coach app (free and available on Apple and Google play stores, but still in development and probably always will be) that will notify you when you’re close to a place to play pinball. If you like this idea, please let me know when you’d want to be alerted…when you’re 10 miles away? 15 miles away? More?


turns on app in Portland

phone explodes


Great point, thank you!! Maybe better to just organize all the places by Zip Code…what do you think? (Each place already has a Map it! button) or, since I can choose the distance for each location, maybe set the distance much closer when there’s a density of places, and much farther when the places are far apart…?

Is there an implementation reason it’s not configurable?

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I’m not sure what you’re asking (this is the first app I’ve created so I’m learning as I go) please be more specific? …i can set the distance for each location i add…but the next issue is…what if users drive by the same 3 places a few times each day? Repeated notifications could be annoying, so I have to see if there’s anyway to limit the notifications…

Sorry, I’ll elaborate: what I’d expect from an app like this is:

  1. An option to choose how far away it should search for locations
  2. A notification when a place is within range, with the option to just ignore it (and then maybe a few days later (also configurable) notify me again), permanently mute this location (basically acknowledging that I know if it and don’t need to be reminded anymore), or to open the notification and be given some info on it, what games are there, a quick link to open it in my maps app, etc
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I live in NYC. So 5 blocks?

Maybe do it by time. Let the person choose walking or driving and then a number of minutes.

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thanks…that’s much clearer. Not sure I’m skilled enough to rebuild the Places to Play section just like you described, but I’ll save your specifics and strive to reach at least some of them!

great feedback zacaj amd Armitage, thank you so much!

Good idea