Volunteer hours & player decisions @ BPSO 2018


Buffalo experienced a completely unpredictable Act of Tree. It was a special circumstance and the TDs dealt with it as best they could I think. Nobody could foresee a foliage-induced misadventure like that.

It would have been untenable to tell the pin-starved mob that they were going to wait ANOTHER hour after a 2 hour delay to play so they could shoehorn in the volunteer time, and;/or were going to lose another hour of qualifying or extend qualifying till well after midnight,

The needs of the many often outweigh the needs of the few.


IFPA bans 3+ player head-to-head matches, problem solved :rofl::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


The scores of the match were 8-2-2-2 going into game 3 with me having the 8.
I specifically asked Nick(TD) before the game started if I could plunge off and he approved it.


Not to derail… But can you explain the intermission? By my interpretation, seems like it would seriously advantage players on long playing games.


There was a 30 minute break. Once it was time, everyone got to finish their game.

When we restarted, those with the fewest games played were assigned to games first…and they were also given the shortest playing games.


Fewest total games played, actually.

The break give me a chance to tally that info, and it gave everyone else a chance to get dinner.


Oops sorry. Corrected. I knew that, not sure why I wrote wins.