Visiting Stockholm

Hi all!
I’m visiting Stockholm in 2 weeks and was wondering what are good places to play around there? I know there are lots of great players from there so there must be some really good hot spots. I don’t see any tournaments while I’m there but would anybody be interested in meeting up to play?


Hi Brian,
welcome to Stockholm!

We have quite a few places here. Below is a list with the places with a good amount of well maintained machines. If you are interested in more have a look at or ask me :slightly_smiling:

Söderbiljarden (Bondegatan 18). 9 machines (ST, TWD, GP, Mustang, PotC, AFM, TF, WD, KISS). You need to be a member of stockholmpinball ( ) to get in for free, otherwise you need to buy a membership.

Ugglan Boule & Bar (Närkesgatan 6). 12 machines (Elvis, 24, T3, WoZ LE, TSPP, TF, CSI, GoT LE, IJ4, PotC, SM, WPT)

Biljardpalatset (Sankt Eriksgatan 52). 22nd of april they open their new pinball room with 20 machines (CBW, SM, ST, GoT, IJ, TAF, JY, WD, TWD Premium, AFM, MM, SS, XMEN, LotR, ACDC, Mustang, PotC, Avatar, IM, BtdK)


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Hi Stefan,
Thanks for all the tips! I’ll be sure to check out the places you recommended. I’m looking forward to the trip.