Vector as a tournament game

I’ve been offered a Bally Vector to use for qualifying in the CAX tournament. I’m intrigued but hesitant since I don’t know much about it. Anyone got thoughts on its appropriateness as a tournament game?

i have never even heard of it until they mentioned it on the latest pinball podcast…

Brutal game,
I remember it was at PAGG 2012 or 2013.

Not related to Vector, but will you be announcing the lineup prior to the open of the tournament or is it a surprise surprise wait and see dealio? :smile:

I had the opportunity to play it at the German Pinball Open couple weekends ago. I didn’t enjoy the pin. It’s all about shooting the left ramp that loops around the back of the PF after knocking down the drops guarding it – but the right flipper didn’t hold up well through two days of qualifying, making it nearly impossible to shoot the ramp during day two and during finals.

I plan on announcing he game lineup in advance, and I am very close to finalizing the lineup.

Back from the dead. Getting one of these tomorrow. Looks like some updated Roms were made using all the unused callouts and added rules. Anyone know anything about that version of the game?

@heyrocker , how did Vector do in tournament use? In league finals play we specifically bar the use of Vector, Baby Pac-man, and head-to-head Joust, so I’m interested to know your experience with it.

In your case, why is vector barred? Completely understand the other two.

Challenger FTW!! :smile:


Huh, we had no problems that I’m aware of. It is a little bit of a one-trick pony but I don’t remember anything else bad about it. Do you know the reasoning behind the ban?

Well, see, the problem here is that I was quite clearly thinking of Varkon and not Vector. :sunglasses::robot::sunglasses::robot: