Upper loop on rush not scoring consistently, seems to be a problem on every Rush I play

I’ve played several different copies of Rush, both Premium and Pro, and all of them seem to have a problem where fast direct shots to the upper loop don’t register. Is there a fix for this?

Need to replace the switch with a MRS (magnetic Reed switch) or put a roof over the switch to keep the ball down.


I brought this up to a local op and he stuck a very thin strip of some kind of foam right at the turn of the loop and the shot registers 100% now.



Sounds like the strip makes the ball roll over the center of the switch more. Bravo for the easy solution.

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Soft side of a velcro strip or furniture felt both work. Just make sure to put it where the ball makes contact with the rail when turning the corner to keep it from riding up too high and jumping the switch.


From reading pinside the MRS isn’t perfect either because the ball can ride up too high.

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Roof for the win then. I did this to rogue on Xmen (same shot/issue) and never had a problem again.

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