Upcoming Tournaments

This is a wiki post containing known upcoming pinball tournaments coming up around the world. The intent of this post is twofold:

  • Prevent event overlap when possible by having a centralized list of events people can check against.
  • Allow players to see events that are happening near them, either at home or when traveling.

I have divided it into two sections: Single Event and Periodic. For instance, in Portland, we have a tournament every Tuesday. This is a periodic event, as opposed to Portland Pinbrawl, which happens once a year.

Feel free to add your event here, or update the events already present with links or whatever.

UPDATED FOR 2017 – Single Events
*INDISC - Jan 13-15 Banning, CA
*Louisville Expo - Mar 3-5 Louisville, KY
*AMOA / Nationals / Womens / Pin-Masters - Mar 15-19 Dallas, TX
Arcade Expo - Mar 17-19 Banning, CA
*Texas Festival - Mar 24-26 Dallas, TX
Ohio Pinball Show - Mar 30-Apr 2
*PAPA - April 5-9 [Circuit April 5, PAPA 6-9] Pittsburgh, PA
*8bitflip - April 15-16, Bury, UK
*Pinball at the Zoo- April 20-22 Kalamazoo, MI
Portland Pinbrawl - April 23 Portland, OR
*Cactus Jacks - April 28-30
Euro-Clash Weekend April 28-30: German Open (Potsdam) and Dutch Masters (Veenendaal)
April 29-30 Zapcon, Mesa, AZ
PinFest - May 5 [Classics], May 6 [Main], Allentown, PA
Pin-A-Go-Go - May 19-21 Dixon, CA
PinPin - May 19 Las Vegas
Lyons Spring Classic - May 26-28 Lyons, CO
IFPA WC - May 26-28 Denmark
*Pinball Showdown - June 11 - Lone Tree, CO
*Pinvasion VI - June 9-11 - Atlanta, GA
SuperClash Weekend: Jun 9-11
*Bat City Pinball Open - June 25 - Austin, TX
Pintastic New England - Jul 6-8 - Sturbridge, MA
Northwest Show - Tacoma, WA
*Pinburgh / Replay - July 27-30 Pittsburgh, PA
*Buffalo Pinball Summer Open August 20 - Buffalo, NY
*Northwest Pinball Championships August 27
*Cleveland Pinball and Arcade Show Sep 7-10 - Cleveland, OH
Main Street Mayhem - Sep 16-17 Lafayette, IN
*Vancouver Flipout September 24 - Vancouver, BC
*Pittsburgh Pinball Open - October 1 - Pittsburgh, PA
Chicago Pinball Expo Flipout - Oct 11-15 Wheeling, IL
Houston Arcade Expo - Oct 20-21 Houston, TX
*24 Hour Battle - Nov. 5 - Meridan, CT
*OBX Flippers Fall Tournament - Nov. 19 - Grandy, NC
*City Champ Dec.17 - San Francisco, CA

?? California Extreme, Santa Clara
?? Free Play Florida

Periodic Events

  • Portland, OR - Tournaments held every Tuesday at locations around the city. See http://flip.city for details.
  • Seattle, WA - Multiple weekly and monthly tournaments at various locations. See http://www.skill-shot.com/calendar for details.
  • San Francisco Bay Area - Many events weekly/monthly. See http://hellaheartpinball.com/ for details.
  • Cincinnati- every second Friday (3 strikes) every last Sunday (group matchplay) events. Arcade Legacy Bar on spring grove ave

Pittsburgh Pinball Open is May 20-22
Pinmainia and Pinbowl are both June 23-26

Not trying to be snooty, but why do we need this? IFPA has a calendar with all of the events, integrates with a map, and allows you to search by location. Is it incomplete?

I think it’s helpful to have a simple chronological list of events, that are not smaller local events, and that people might want to travel to, without having to try and sort through the IFPA calendar figuring out what’s what.


This started in another thread, but the real reason is that the IFPA calendar is now too crowded and Pinball News’ one is incomplete. IFPA’s is full of leagues, fund-raisers, monthly events and other small things. Some people wanted a single source for what I’d call “significant worth-coming-in-from-out-of-town” tournaments. If the IFPA site had filter features that would let you select for, say, player count [in past years] over X [e.g. 50], trophies or prize money over $Y [e.g. $1000], winner’s WPPR over Z [e.g. 25], this wouldn’t have been asked for. The real key was “should I make the trip”?

‘that are not smaller local events’

‘Allow players to see events that are happening near them, either at home or when traveling.’

Which is it?

We obviously have player count and average WPPR value of past events with the same name. Prize money we don’t track.

I can chat with Brian on his interest in adding filters to the calendar.

Any other variables that would be of interest besides player count and average WPPR value?

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Okay, but we were asked to list small local events in this thread.

If we’re listing every periodic local tournament, then this is going to become just as unruly as everywhere else. There are 8 or 9 in my area alone.

I do like the “tournaments worth traveling to” list, but creating yet another source for tournament info (on the best, but not most trafficked, pinball forum) seems fraught with danger.

I do like that there are tournaments listed above that aren’t on the IFPA calendar yet - which is helpful.


I just thought it was cool to have an at-a-glance spot because someone brought it up in a thread that was already turning into that. If people don’t think its useful, that’s cool! Whatever works!

PAGG is a charity event with no payout. Awesome show I definitely recommend, but no payout for the casualish tourney.

Maybe an asterisk for the 100% charity events?

I notice that INDISC and City Champ didn’t make the list…should they be on there?

City Champ is this weekend [12/17-18]. Here’s my early list for 2017 - US only.

INDISC - Jan 13-15 Banning, CA

Louisville Expo - Mar 3-5 Louisville, KY

AMOA / Nationals / Womens - Mar 15-19 Dallas, TX

Arcade Expo - Mar 17-19 Banning, CA
(thanks for the catch, Colin; Jay’s working on a tournament, no word yet, but I list it here due to the show’s size just in case)

Texas Festival - Mar 24-26 Dallas, TX

PAPA - April 5-9 [Circuit April 5, PAPA 6-9] Pittsburgh, PA

Pin-A-Go-Go - May 19-21 Dixon, CA

PinPin - May 19 Las Vegas

Lyons Spring Classic - May 26-28 Lyons, CO

SuperClash Weekend: Jun 9-11
Southern Fried - Atlanta, GA
Northwest Show - Tacoma, WA
Rocky Mountain Show - Denver, CO

Pinburgh / Replay - July 27-30 Pittsburgh, PA

Expo - Oct 11-15 Chicago, IL [Wheeling]

These are ones I’m aware of; I’m obviously not planning to attend all of them.

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My List for 2017:

Louisville Expo - Mar 3-5 Louisville, KY
Ohio Show - Mar 30 - Apr 2
Cle-Pin Show - Sept ??
Pinball Expo - Oct 11-15 Chicago, IL [Wheeling]

My Tour de pinball for 2017

Louisville Expo - Mar 3-5 Louisville, KY
IFPA Nationals (IF I WIN MY STATE) - Mar 15-19 Dallas, TX
PAPA - April 5-9 [Circuit April 5, PAPA 6-9] Pittsburgh, PA
Pinvasion IV June 9-11, 2017- Atlanta, GA
Pinburgh - July 27-30 Pittsburgh, PA
Free Play Florida November ?-? 2017

Still trying to decide to go to another event I’ve never been to.

EDIT: @BMU… you had the wrong weekend for Banning Expo. It’s one weekend earlier on 3/17-19.

Although, I don’t think TPF has had many CA attendees not named Bob Matthews. :slight_smile:
And is Banning Expo going to have a tourney of any significance with its decoupling from INDISC?

I would really like to spend one season attending as many circuit events as I can to see how I can stack up. I’m shooting for 2018.


Note: the original post is a wiki. Just update tourneys in that list. I revved the list to show 2017.

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I’ve been thinking the same thing. 2018 sounds like a good plan.