Upcoming pinball event and tourney streams

I heard 2pm est.

IFPA posted challonge and stream links on facebook today, but no dates, times, or stream schedule. I guess @pinwizj doesn’t want us to watch. :wink:

NACS and Women’s both today? If so, will they stream any of the Women’s tourney? And are they one-day events?

Both tournaments start at 11am local time, run concurrently and will wrap up tonight.

Early rounds are kind of hard to follow on stream because there are so many matches happening and they tend to jump around give a lot of players some camera time. As the field whittles down later in the day the coverage gets more focused.

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The tournament begins at 11am PDT. I plan to go live as soon as possible which I’m hoping will be by 11:30 but it could be later.

The first round in particular is insane with both tournaments running concurrently. We’ll do our best to cover as much of the field as possible in the beginning, then focus in on specific groups as the rounds progress.


And we are live! Good luck everyone!

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We will be streaming tonight, mostly JJP POTC. Some others that might be streamed are LOTR, Flash Gordon, Tron, and BM66. Thanks to Alex Huffman and Frank Williamson for setting this up!



The premiere Norwegian pinball location, the Tilt arcade bar in the center of Oslo, will be streaming their big annual tournament on Twitch all weekend.

We should be about 70 players competing on all sorts of machines from the latest (Munsters LE, Black Knight SOR, etc.) to older machines like Hulk, TriZone, and others.

There are some great players from all over Scandinavia competing. Hopefully, this great venue and their amazing collection of machines will host IFPA one day.

Please check out the stream.

Qualifying will be all day today with final rounds in side starting at 9pm until late this evening and resuming with main at 10am Sunday.



Bag city open Finals streaming now at twitch.tv/spacecitypinball !


Streaming’s definitely your bag, @spraynard. :wink: You did an awesome job setting it all up and streaming this weekend! Thanks so much!


Tonight! Come see if Jack Tadman can defend his crown as City Pinball finishes up it’s 12th season with the A Division playoffs. Jack is looking for four straight tiles on the trot, but will have to fend off the likes of Adam Becker, Barry Brdar and a whole slew of talented Ontario pinball players.

All goes down at 7 eastern on twitch.tv/pressstartarcade


The Brisbane Masters - the first Stern Pro Circuit event in the Southern Hemisphere! - will be streaming all weekend at https://twitch.tv/bnepac

Colin Urban and Escher Lefkoff are live on stream now, battling it out in the Warm Up event.

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Qualifying rounds begin 10am Saturday, Brisbane time. 8pm Friday night EDT/5pm PDT.

@LCM Please make sure “Store past broadcasts” is checked! You can get to this setting when you enable two factor authentication.


that would be great, i do not see any archived videos on that channel at the moment.

Me neither. A lot of us are going to be watching after it’s no longer live. Please make sure it’s stored and even uploaded to YouTube.

The Brisbane Masters will also be streamed live - and archived - on YouTube. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9AEoMwkk6z3MVH6DheMgMA


Live scores for the Stern Pro Circuit event:

In the 10 (yes, ten) lead up tournaments held in the last week, Colin Urban has won 5, Escher Lefkoff won 3, with 1 win each to Paul Jones and Danielle Peck.


Obvious need for teenage divisions next year :slightly_smiling_face:

Great idea! That will save the rest of us from their reign of terror.


We’re live!

Direct YouTube link:

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