Upcoming pinball event and tourney streams


Tony and Drew kicking butt! Also congrats to the winner JPW and great playing by Shannon Stafford in back to back weeks!(Orlando and OBX)


The Swedish Championships are played in Boras, Sweden from November 30th through December 2nd. This is the 23rd year the tournament is held. The first edition was held in 1990 but there have been a couple of gap years in the late nineties.

We have 295 registered players at the moment and 122 pinball machines, so it should be an epic tournament.

In both main and classics, players are assigned five machines. They play two attempts on each in qualifying.

The top 64 go on to best out of three finals/playoff rounds.

There is also a youth tournament, a split-flipper tournament, and several set-the-highscore sideshows (killswitch [ zone 4 on Earthshaker], one-handed GNR, one-ball DM, STHS TNA, and STHS Deadpool).

We will have three camera rigs going and there will be streaming all weekend. There will be commentary and interviews off and on all weekend, particularly for Saturday evening and all day Sunday (CET).

Join us for some great pinball.



Streaming december to remember 30th december twitch.tv/neilmcrae/ 4 rigs with direct input DMD! hopefully with a commentator!


Streaming stuff from Pincinnati this weekend. No set times as this will just be to test the hotels internet and prep for next year. In a perfect world we will have streams of:

Alice Cooper

Gauntlet tournament on Sunday.



Magfest qualifying going until 3am EST tonight & 9am-3pm tomorrow. I dont think they have had a stream in the past


you have a link to the stream as I didn’t see it at the never drains link.


Pretty sure it wasn’t streamed. There is no bandwidth at that event.


You have to be there to believe it - and it’s worth the trip. :slight_smile:
Eric dogfought his way through a hell of a finals and it made for a good show!