United's Serenade - Confusion


I have inherited a pinball machine that cannot be found anywhere on the internet. I am looking for someone who may know more. I have a pinball which clearly has all over it… “United’s Serenade”. However, when I find a United machine by the name of Serenade, it is not the same machine. Mine is a 2 player bingo style which uses 8 balls for a nickel and does not have any flippers. The backglass has two bingo cards at the top one for player A and one for player B. The one I find is different with 5 balls for 5 cents with flippers and the backglass has a bunch of women on it with a man and it looks like some kind of Vegas show or something. I am unable to find my machine anywhere.

I would appreciate if anyone has knowledge about this would contact me. I have pictures to share which clearly show “United’s Serenade” on the backglass. It looks like I can’t post pictures here on the forum. Please help.



Attention @bingopodcast. :slight_smile:


Wow. This may be a very rare discovery. Serenade is not a known title. You mention it is two player and all 8 balls are released for a nickel. I have never seen a bingo pinball that functions in this manner.

When attempting to upload pictures, click the link marked upload and then browse for the pictures. I would love to see them.

The other United Serenade is as you describe and not at all a bingo pinball.

If you have pictures of the score and instruction cards, playfield and backglass, I would love to see them.

United was not known to design a ‘card’ style bingo pinball, which this sounds like - another semi-famous two player bingo Pinball is Twin Joker by Bally.

United would often design a standard pinball machine with the same name as a bingo pinball machine. Makes sense, just haven’t heard of this one.

I only know of two other games from United that didn’t make it to full production. I have to assume, without further details, that this is a prototype game.

I would encourage you also to email photos to the IPDB.

You can email to me directly if you like, and I can upload here for you and send to the IPDB if that helps. My email is foramusementonlypodcast at gmail.com


Hi !
Thanks so much for your reply. Finally I found someone with some information… lol
Here’s some pictures. The playing field shows 7 balls in place but it gives 8 for a nickel. I played with this machine as a kid. My father was an auctioneer and made all kinds of deals on antiques at estate sales etc. Mostly in the 1960s. I am not sure how many pictures I can upload but I’ll put a few here. Hope to hear from you soon and I will send you an email a well.



Thank you for the pictures. As we discussed, I’ll provide these to the IPDB and see if this is just not a well known title, or if it might be some kind of prototype… Very neat!

I have looked at the pictures and in my professional opinion this game is a dedicated United Bingo. This is not a prototype or an operator change. I would put a date of manufacturing somewhere between the summer of 1955 and winter of 1957. Would love to own it if the man would be interested in selling it. The cabinet art is between a 56 Caravan and a 56 South Seas.

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UPDATE - @BingoButch , his son Mike and grandson Jake came by to look at the United’s Serenade yesterday and they ended up taking it home with them. I am happy that this unique machine that I played as a kid has found a new home with knowledgeable people who will take care of it. If you want more info… contact Bingo Butch. Happy Pinballing!



Thanks for the update. Very cool!